Should underage girls that lie about their age to have sex with older males be legally punished?

Its not right that the underage girl that lied to the guy about her age to have sex with him and he gets his life ruined but the girl doesn't get any punishment for deceiving him.

This happened to someone I knew at my uni and its absolutely not fair to him. :(

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  • They should be punished but a law like this is hard to enforce unless the guy films her saying it, or has her sign a waver and even then it apparently can pose issues (see girls gone wild case).

    The problem is its your word vs. the girls and we all know which side the court always takes. But therein lies an even bigger problem. The fact that we have a gender biased court system, especially when it comes to rape.

    It actually just read an article the other day about the subject and such organization like universities and even the US military found that anywhere from 30-60% of all reported rape cases by women are false. Many times women use it as a means to get back at a guy they don't like. They also use it as a cover up for why they had sex that they shouldn't have been having, like if they were caught by there parents.

    I agree that women need to be held just as accountable when it comes to rape as men, and that includes making accurate accusations. That also applies to the court adopting an unbiased view as opposed to assuming the guy is guilty until proven innocent.

    I've had a friend who personally had his life ruined by a wrongful accusation by a girl. He was about 23 at the time and the girl was 17 or 18 I believe. The sex was completely consensual. However her parents found out so to cover her own ass she told her parents she was raped. They took it to court and he was found guilty. As a result he was kicked out of his college.

    P.S. I want to know who these women are who are voting no. I just don't understand the logic that can justify lying about your age in order to do something like have sex. It's no different that lying about your age to purchase alcohol. It's illegal, enough said. There is no room for debate.