How do I play with myself in front of my man?

i want to play with myself in front of my husband,but not sure the best way on how to do it.where do I start?


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  • rub yourself, finger yourself, grope yourself with the other free hand, and make plenty of moans while looking at him with a seductive look on your face. If all goes well, he'll start to do it for you!

    as to get it started, tell him you have a little present/show for him

    • he has asked me number of times to do this,now i'm thinking about doing it,but not sure what he would like me to do

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  • Any way you want, really. I doubt he'll be picky.

  • Do whatever you would normally do if he wasn't there.

  • Honestly, do it whenever, girls masturbating is such a turn on, and I bet it would be the perfect way to get him to want to have sex. Like if you are on the couch in the living room watching tv, pull down your pants and go to town on yourself, finger yourself 24/7, and if it does not work all the time, at least you will be having fun

  • First open your pu**y and finger f**k yourself to get your fingers juicy. Now you can play with your clit to get yourself turned on real good and your clit sticking out hard and excited. Now if you want you can use both hands, one to finger f**k yourself and the other to play with your clit to make yourself cum.

  • Why don't you role play? pretend you don't know he's watching, and he can "catch" you doing it.

    • Sorry, just got done cybering, my mind is in dirty overdrive, lol. The biggest sex organ is the brain, even on me.

      How's this: when he gets home from work, he hears some moaning upstairs. Concerned that you might be hurt, he goes up to investigate...much to his surprise, you aren't hurt at all...

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