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What is the best way to make a guy hard, in public?

I would want to do this at school. He sits next to me in language class, and science

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  • In class where you're very limited what you can do without other students also intently noticing, just small things will have a big effect. Since you'll be sitting, turning towards him to say stuff to him when you're wearing a tight stretch top is hot or when talking to one of your friends that are near him. Wearing a short skirt is hot because you can easily move that'll cause it to rise higher inch by inch at about the same speed as his di*k. lol! On that day have your hair nicely done in a ponytail and wear a sexy scent and a touch of lip gloss. If possible touch him while teasing him. Make eye contact at the same time these other things are happening and smile and bite your bottom lip as you take a few deeps breaths. This would work for me 100% of the time. :-P

What Guys Said 10

  • touch him

  • This is the easiest thing ever, all you gotta do is tease the guy

  • LOL ur bad. Start rubbing his leg towards his penis.

  • Cleavage usually does the trick, you don't even need to have big breasts to tease with ur cleavage. Btw you are evil

  • show as much skin as possible, touch him, talk dirty, etc...

    this is not what you should be doing in school though, its a place for learning, not a place for being aroused, its embarrassing to us guys anyway, we have to walk like retards once we have it

  • Why are you trying to make him have an erection?

    If you want to embarrass him, cut it out. It's not funny. It's sexual harassment. If a guy asked "how can I make a girl's nipples show through her blouse? she sits next to me in home room" everyone on this site would be crawling all over him about what a jerk he was.

    That kind of behavior can cause guys a lot of shame. And if you continue that kind of harassment, and try it on the wrong guy when you're 21, he might get angry and you could find yourself in a very dangerous situation.

  • tell him how wet your panties get thinking about him.

  • why does it have to be in public? are you trying to embarrass him? why?

    • Because its hot buddy. for her mostly for guys its hot but... its like were pitching a tent right? Very noticeable

    • Tell me about it. I find it embarrassing unless it's just me and her.

  • look at him and wink at him

    show a little skin

    txt him something dirty

What Girls Said 10

  • That's wrong lol, but okay, tease him :] Sit on his lap.

  • well, I wouldn't want to give my guy a boner in public because he says its really annoying, and then I can't do anything about it for him

    but he usually gets one because he's taller than me, and can see down my shirt, and then also if you put your hand on their inner thigh,and rub up and down, but don't touch it, most guys usually get a boner and try to move your hand

    but try to make him get one outside of class instead!

  • i know what you mean. but if you do give him one make sure he can hide it.

  • Hahhah y'all are ranting in the comments but for teenage girls its really flattering when a guy gets a boner because of you. I'm pretty sure its on every girls bucket list to give a guy a boner. It could be any guy. Its funny. Lol and evil. But I guess guys don't have it better than girls in that department...

  • LOL like others have said. you shouldn't be doing this at school. It's for learning. Unless it's like "Hey let's try this out in sex ed!" ha.

    Well the other week I teased the guy I like with some very flirty texts. Thing is found out he was at his second job and he didn't want to get up with his friend there. So yeah I felt bad. Haha. It's not the nicest thing to do to a guy when he's in public.

  • Hate to sound mean, but this has got to be one of the most f-ed up questions I've ever heard; unless, you meant to ask something else, but it just came out wrong? I'm not sure what you are trying to achieve here...but this really shows a lack of maturity and a lack of respect for this poor guy that you are only going to humiliate.

  • You need to be nice! This is cruel. Guys deserve respect, especially the ones who treat women respectfully.

  • why the heck would you want to do that? Leave him alone--at that age, guys get hard when they'd rather not anyway.

  • why would you do that? it's not nice. put more effort into listening to your teacher and learning something!

  • touch him around thigh area or "accidentally" trip to fall on him, like leaning in towards his lap...

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