What is the best way to make a guy hard, in public?

I would want to do this at school. He sits next to me in language class, and science


Most Helpful Guy

  • In class where you're very limited what you can do without other students also intently noticing, just small things will have a big effect. Since you'll be sitting, turning towards him to say stuff to him when you're wearing a tight stretch top is hot or when talking to one of your friends that are near him. Wearing a short skirt is hot because you can easily move that'll cause it to rise higher inch by inch at about the same speed as his di*k. lol! On that day have your hair nicely done in a ponytail and wear a sexy scent and a touch of lip gloss. If possible touch him while teasing him. Make eye contact at the same time these other things are happening and smile and bite your bottom lip as you take a few deeps breaths. This would work for me 100% of the time. :-P