Does the galaxy S3 get viruses?

When looking at p*rn can the galaxy s3 get viruses?


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  • It's unlikely, but it IS possible (and possible with ANY other phone, including iPhones, Windows Phone, BlackBerries, etc.). If you stick to the big, well-known sites (xHampster, YouPorn, RedTube) you will probably be fine, but there are tons of other "redirector" sites that could potentially be compromised.

    Most of those sites that have viruses/trojans targeting desktops, not phones, and a virus that would work in Windows won't work on Android. It would have to be something specifically targeted to Android.

    There are anti-virus apps for Android you can download if you think you are at risk due to your surfing habits.


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  • Of course, it works on Android and Android as well as the Apple OS are targets for virusses: link and link and link

  • any device can get viruses, and p*rn sites are riddled with them.

  • don't think there's all that many phone viruses out yet

  • Android viruses do exist yes, but rare enough for the moment

    (Hell, phone viruses have existed for 10+ years)

  • No I've been doing it for about the last 3 weeks so far.


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