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Girls only.......how many fingers can you use when you masturbate?

i was just curious, how many fingers can you use when you masturbate?iv herd of girls using both hands

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  • One.Seriously, only one.And I have tiny itty bitty small girlie fingers, not long, but not short. Even my boyfriend can only fit one up there.Two is pushing it a little.I pride myself on being tight.

    • And how many penises do you think are only the size of a finger?

    • What difference does it make to you? She is the one who likes the way one feels & that's what counts.

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  • I use 1 - 3, depends how wet I am because sometimes 3 hurts. My hands are small though lol

  • 2 or 3. depends on how turned on I am

  • About 2 or 3 fingers usually.

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