What does it mean to turn a girl out?

a guy friend of mine texted me saying he wanted to turn me out. Not sure what turning a girl out means?


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  • it means the friction between your vagina and his penis will be of such magnitude that some of your insides will be dragged to your outside, turning you partially inside-out: or "turned out" for short.

  • well in some context it mean to make a girl slut or prostitute

  • Doesn't make sense to me

  • In the most modern way it means that he wants to help you experience new things particularly with partying and sex

  • The term to "turn out" means to have be trained and released, Ex: we turned out three new salespeople this month.

    The term "to be turned out" or "turn out" sexually, means to change one attitude toward sex through acclamation or to take someone who is non-aggressive and turn them to become aggressive toward sex seeking new sexual experiences and conquests not tied to a relationship necessarily. One who maintains friend (s) with benefits outside a marriage or singular relationship or seeks one night stands shares the same desires, but may not have been turned out if it was self learned. A couple that lures another couple into swapping have been turned out if the continue the behavior. Technology such as internet dating for sex, turns out, thus unknowingly ones attitude toward sex is turned out from a singular relationship. One who cannot imagine spending the rest of their life with only one person sexually shares the attitude of one who has been turned out.

    A pimp must first turn one out during training, turning the changed behavior into a perceived skill, luring them into prostitution.

  • It means tear you up, waka flaka, grrrr get over here, boomshakalaklakaboom, checky checky bang bang etc etc


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