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Girls what do you think when catch a guy staring at your butt?

If you're talking to a guy and then you leave and you catch him, how do you feel about it?

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  • well..it depends on how he was looking..a little look..sure..that can be flattering..if I like the guy. If its just some random guy it might be weird or even rude. Trust me. Some guys can give a look that is flattering..and others you feel like you were just raped!

What Girls Said 17

  • I wouldn't care..

  • Well...I'm not sure exactly how he'd be able to see my butt when we're talking face to face, but I'd politely tell him to get his eyes back in his head.

    • when you're leaving as explained above... ;)

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    • Prettygurl is a tough customer to please :)

    • Lol

  • Whatever. He's not the first and won't be the last. I voted D.

  • I'm bad at catching stuff like that. I was at a department store with my mom a week ago and the guy you show your items to before going into the dressing room (so you don't steal stuff) was creeping. Then when I was walking in, there happened to be a mirror right in front of me so I saw him staring at my butt in great detail.-.- It's not a turn on to me. It just makes it awkward to walk by again.

  • well its not a turn on but I think its amusing and it gives a ego boost. when I'm wiht my boyfriend and anouther guy checks me out he puts his thumbs up lol or he gets closer to me.

    so I said I dnt give a sh*t but its jus because I don't get turned on on any level, if anything I'm flattered. as long as a guy isn't pushy I like it

  • This has happened to me recently. I was talking to a guy at work and turned to walk away and realized I had to tell him something else. When I turned back, he was checking my butt out. I was totally flattered. One reason is that he isn't one of the nasty old men that I have to deal with sometimes. He just happens to be one of the sexiest guys I work with.

    • If the guy was unattractive to u, would you still have been "totally flattered" that he was checking out your butt?

    • I said that one reason I was flattered was because he wasn't one the nasty old men I have to deal with. So what does that tell you Einstein?

    • Oh yeah...kespethdude... I remember you. I also remember now why I unfriended you. You are an ass.

  • depends on the guy...

    i usually don't even care, but if the guy is being a creep about it it'll piss me off.

    or if it's my boyfriend, it'd probably be a turn on. :)

  • it kind of satisfying, I have a nice but so it kind of nice when other appreciate it

  • i love when guys stare.

  • not good. hate that actually.

  • I wouldn't be able to tell...

    I've caught guys staring at my chest and it's annoying

    I've also had guy friends who grab my thighs playfully because they've told me I have nice legs. But I don't like that either, since I don't like my legs

    I don't think anything. I catch guys staring at other girls, but since I don't have eyes on the back of my head, I wouldn't even know

  • I mean if we were talking first I guess I let it pass by.

  • it happens A LOT so I've stopped caring

  • I automatically feel uncomfortable and give him my most intense glare. I would definitely be offended.

  • It would make me feel sexy which would make me happy inside ^U^

  • If he's someone I'm attracted to then it's an ego boost and flattering. If not, then it's creepy. So both a turn on and a turn off depending on the situation.

    • I had to thumb you up for your honesty :)

    • If only the losers you are not attracted to would know their place...

    • Know their place? They can be attracted to anyone. You can't really not be attracted to someone who is physically attractive.

What Guys Said 2

  • I've always wondered this too, good question

  • so its ok/turn-on/flattering if the guy is attractive & gross/creepy/turn-off if the guy isn't attractive...?

    or you just don't care & don't let it affect you

    • They will never admit it, but it's only creepy if you're unattractive. if you are hot they will let you get away with it.

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    • Deep down inside, the girls in Boston are likely offended by me in this case, but they don't say anything. That's if they even notice. It's because I'm not attractive to anyone in Boston and, to those who tell me to move, I can't. No driver's license.

    • This must mean I think like a girl... :/

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