Are tight clothes on a curvy (not fat) girl slutty?

let's say a girl has a real "full in the right spots" figure..think Christina Hendricks/Marilyn or some girl who has extra big boobs and ass but not a fat stomach and is not fat but not stick thin.

My classmate has a body like this..really big boobs and ass and she doesn't wear anything lower or shorter or tighter than an average person but even in regular skinny jeans and a fitted black shirt you see her body. she can't really hide it. I think she looks good but this guy said she looks "slutty in those tight clothes"

but I thought a guy would like that where not a lot of skin is showing but the curves are? are some guys put off by a lot of curves?

what do you think? when I hear stuff like that it makes me glad I'm kind of shapeless :P


Most Helpful Guy

  • I think most guys will agree with you: guys will find it sexy, but not slutty. Slutty is when her boobs are falling out or almost totally on display, or her ass-cheeks or cookie are hanging out of short-shorts or something. Since that isn't the case, she's fine.