Are tight clothes on a curvy (not fat) girl slutty?

let's say a girl has a real "full in the right spots" figure..think Christina Hendricks/Marilyn or some girl who has extra big boobs and ass but not a fat stomach and is not fat but not stick thin.

My classmate has a body like this..really big boobs and ass and she doesn't wear anything lower or shorter or tighter than an average person but even in regular skinny jeans and a fitted black shirt you see her body. she can't really hide it. I think she looks good but this guy said she looks "slutty in those tight clothes"

but I thought a guy would like that where not a lot of skin is showing but the curves are? are some guys put off by a lot of curves?

what do you think? when I hear stuff like that it makes me glad I'm kind of shapeless :P


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  • I think most guys will agree with you: guys will find it sexy, but not slutty. Slutty is when her boobs are falling out or almost totally on display, or her ass-cheeks or cookie are hanging out of short-shorts or something. Since that isn't the case, she's fine.

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  • i don't think that's slutty at all; if she's showing skin AND wearing tight stuff at the same time, then that could be considered "slutty".

    But she's not doing that. :)

  • I think it depends on the intent. If the intent is to look good but not overtly sexy, things will be fine on the slutty index. I personally love my wife, who also has the full T&A body, to tart up for me but not for the world unless we're in Vegas or Atlantic City. I do like her to look sexy.

  • I don't know what that guy is talking about, not slutty at all.

  • I'd hope she's a slut for me, that's for sure.

  • Haha no, that guy's just a douche. What's she supposed to wear, baggy jeans and a loose hoodie 24/7? Yeah let's all just get together and decide what's okay for people to wear.

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  • Curvy girls look slutty in tight clothing...

    from an insecure girls perspective

    Most guys like that, but most girls don't, especially those who lack boobs, ass and curves.

    Guys drool over curvy girls for a reason, but he's an odd one out. Maybe he said that because he thought he'd relate to a girl better