Daddy daughter role play?

ok so my guy wants to do this, so I finally agreed and it's starting to get weird. He's referring to me as his daughter or little girl, and wants me to call hil daddy all the time...

For the record there is a 20 year age difference between us.

Is his fantasy getting out of hand? Is there something wrong here? It seems like it's getting weird...

Opinions please!


Most Helpful Guy

  • Ok, let's imagine you are both the same age. If that was the situation and he kept calling you his daughter and his little girl, I'd say it was quite weird. I think any fantasy about children is weird, but calling the girl you're f*cking "daughter" is just plain creepy. And that's not even bringing in the whole age difference.

    I guess if you DO consider the age difference, then in my opinion it explains the fantasy a bit. He obviously likes younger women, so pretending that you are a little girl kind of adds up.

    But, as John Schofield said, it's whether YOU think it's weird that is important. Clearly other people do, and the fact that you posted this suggests that you do too, so I'd speak to him about it. Someone else said that if you're OK with it and he's respectful and treats you normally outside the bedroom then that's fine. But I get that you're not OK with it, so you really need to talk to him about it. If he respects you, he will definitely stop it if you're weirded out and its turning you off sex or even off him completely. If he refuses or complains or whatever then he's not mature and he doesn't respect you. Simples.