Girls: How often do you fantasize about a guy you like?

Girls: How often do you fantasize about a guy you like?Is it normal to fantasize about a guy way too much when ever you get the chance to fantasize about him?Would you think that you are going crazy or obsessed with the guy because you fantasize about him a lot?What are your thoughts?

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  • Every night Vote A
  • When ever you have free time Vote B
  • Very often to the point that it sees like you think of him every minute, but not exactly Vote C
  • Not so often only once in a blue moon Vote D
  • When you are doing something you daydream about him Vote E
Guys can vote too I guess, but the question for guys will be "How often do you fantasize about a GIRL you like?"

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  • cant say I have a crush on anybody right now, nor do I fancy anybody atm. haven't really for a while. I've given up on finding romance in my area, too many drug addicts and alcoholics. I also prefer to date women in my age group or older.

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  • If I like a girl at the time? Pretty much every day/night. Now do you fantasize sexually or more than that? Cause it's not generally sexual. Lol.

What Girls Said 1

  • Of course. But after a while you can get control over it. Sort of