Why do girls get mad when their boyfriends watch porn?

What do girls have against there boyfriend's watching porn in front of them??! Whats so bad about it, I don't get it.


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  • I think body issues may have something to do with it. Jenna Jameson is super skinny with big tits. Most girls compare themselves to these images and find themselves believing that they are less then "perfect" and think that perfection is what you want. Which I KNOW is not the case, but that's what occasionally goes through our female minds.

    I would have no problem watching a porno with someone. But if you whacked it to porn more often then having sex with me, we'd have a problem!


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  • it's kind of insulting to the girl. like, you're more turned on by watching other people than by spending time with your girlfriend. why would you even watch porn in front of them if they didn't agree to it?

  • I don't have anything against it. Unless, he had it on all the time. If it was all he wanted to watch then, I would be turned off. But every now and then is Ok.

  • I don't know, I've watched one already with my boyfriend and thought it was funny. I don't know how that turns guys on though. they must be really horny. guys watch porn and you just have to stop being so uptight and get use to it.

  • Haha. I love porn.

  • I think I would only get mad if he was addicted to it and he would not stop watching it or if he had to watch it before he was with me. I can see how guys just can control themselves so if they want to watch it why not. I would rather ask my boyfriend if he watches porn and if he does know it than be told that he doesn't just because he is afraid of me being mad.

  • Because the girl just feels that she isn't good enough for him to watch her so he watches other girls

  • At first I was against it for the longest time. But now it doesn't bother me as much as it did. Hell I even watch it with him. Though Sometimes I feel I can't do it for him like I used to so then I get jealous. I have had to realize that it's life and if he wants to watch porn then I need to be more supportive instead of being a jerk to him about it.

  • alot of it stems from poor self image and feel that they aren't good enough for their guy because he feels the need to watch other naked women.

    i personally hate porn. I think it is demoralizing and crude and am offened by it, so I prefer not to watch it. it makes me feel weird and wrong. I also have a poor self-image when I feel like I'm being judged or compaired to other women, otherwise I'm fine with myself and the way I look. I actualy think I'm kinda hot, I just hate being (or feel like I'm being) judged like a cow at a county fair, so I guess that relly more of a self conscious/comfort issue than a poor self image issue, but my arguement remains valid :P

  • Girls feel that their boyfriends are trying to compare them to the women on screen. It is pretty much an insult to a girl if she has a boyfriend that watches porn all the time to get off with his only excuse being, "You weren't here and I swear I was thinking about you." I think that if a guy has a girlfriend that he can physically have sex with, they don't need to watch porn because why watch something you can't have? It is basically a self conscious thing. A lot of girls, like myself, feel that we aren't good enough or pretty enough for our boyfriends when they watch porn to get off. It wouldn't be as big of an issue if they didn't lie about watching it. It is horrible to know that your boyfriend is fantasizing about being with another woman rather than with you. I know its a guy thing, and it will never stop, but have some respect for your girlfriends. Instead of jacking off to porn all the time when you could be having the real thing, go have sex with your girlfriend, give her some ideas, but NEVER compare her to a woman in a porn because she will feel pretty much worthless.

  • I don't think that girls dislike it as much as they don't think they can live up to the girls in the videos. the girls in the videos are supposed to attract the guys attention and are supposed to do things in the bedroom normal girls won't that's why there in a video to make guys fa nasties come true. but the girlfriends don't think they can live up the girl in the videos that there boyfriends watch.

  • Because it makes them feel like you would rather watch it then actually you know.

    It also makes her feel guilty for watching it.

    And makes her feel like she can't do what you like and you need a visual to make you feel the way she wants to make you feel :]]

    Just watch it in front of her and try to be do some of the stuff they do while your watching it too her!


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  • GIrls do not realize that them watching twilight or reading twilight or any romance novel is them checking out p*rn for woman. It is a double standard.

  • Girls dislike porn because the production values are bad, the scenarios are not realistic, and the people look (and are) artificial. Basically, girls see all of the flaws, while guys tend to ignore those flaws and latch onto the overall visual concept. It can also imply to your girlfriend that you'd rather watch the women on-screen than spend time with her.

    Porn isn't the most evil thing in the world, but it has the potential to become an addiction and a substitute for real-life interaction.