How common is it for guys to wear girls' underwear?

So I have this friend. He's bisexual. He wears girls panties all the time. Is this a common thing in guys? Bisexual guys? Kinda freaks me out...

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ok so 19 votes so far and majority says its not common. hmmm.. so what does this mean? should I be freaked out?


Most Helpful Guy

  • Some guys like to wear their girls panties because it's a turn on. But I think you mean he just wears panties xD

    I have heard that some men go running around with panties, and even a bra on in public just for the sexual thrill, and the chance of getting caught. I've also heard that others think that their really comfortable. I don't understand it though. Never worn girls underwear and don't think I want to. I don't get snipping or licking underwear either xD

    But everyone has their own quirks, and weird things about them.