How common is it for guys to wear girls' underwear?

So I have this friend. He's bisexual. He wears girls panties all the time. Is this a common thing in guys? Bisexual guys? Kinda freaks me out...

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    38% (13)74% (119)68% (132)Vote
  • No
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ok so 19 votes so far and majority says its not common. hmmm.. so what does this mean? should I be freaked out?


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  • Some guys like to wear their girls panties because it's a turn on. But I think you mean he just wears panties xD

    I have heard that some men go running around with panties, and even a bra on in public just for the sexual thrill, and the chance of getting caught. I've also heard that others think that their really comfortable. I don't understand it though. Never worn girls underwear and don't think I want to. I don't get snipping or licking underwear either xD

    But everyone has their own quirks, and weird things about them.

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What Guys Said 39

  • Straight guys? Nope.
    Bi-guys? Maybe, but still not common.
    Me? Never happen!

  • I don't think it's common either. Not real cool if you've got designs on this guy.

    The guys who are saying it's common (Anonymous User, and onebozo) don't have much to prove it. I've been in a few guy's locker rooms and never seen it, and I've personally never had the urge, so from my own experience, no, it's not common. It'd freak me out a bit too, and I'd always be wondering just how he's looking at me.

    Personally, I don't buy the "bisexuality" bit either, but it's a very convenient excuse to get out of any relationship (Sorry, girl, I've found this guy . . . . . .Oh, sorry, dude, I'm getting feelings for a girl . . )


    • Man no guys wear panties or thongs to locker rooms because people like you get freaked out and ether stair or make fun of them so no sh*t there not going to wear it to a locker room full of other guys that prob don't do that because it is comon ist just a small portion and you know what I wear thongs there comfly as f*** and I wear them almost any were but not to a locker room evan thow I am bi but that's because being a guy I respect that a straight guys will find it creepy or just be tottal d***s

  • No, you shouldn't be freaked out. It means he is either a trans or just likes the feel of it. Some guys do enjoy the feel.

    I personally am very fem at times and enjoy the feel of them far more then males underwear. It's just much more comfortable. Then again, I'm also Bi.

    From my experience, it's more common in straight men, than bi men. Don't know why though. Haven't put too much thought into it, as it is JUST underwear and the manufactures for mens underwear don't think its worth the time, effort, and money to design a comfortable pair of undies for men that is similar in comfort, material and style as they do for women.

    so don't be freaked out.

  • not really a common thing at all I think. but each to their own. I've worne them once or twice when I've lost a bet with a g/f...its a new experience and something different...nothing wrong with it in my book if that's what he likes...

  • Never have, never will.

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  • your question isn't really worded all that great while the answers aren't really worded right either...maybe try redoing it and making it understandable and see what if it changes...?

  • I do know that straight guys will put on a pair of girls panties for the hell of it sometimes...not to wear for a whole day or anything but...yea. Most bi or gay guys that are feminine will wear girls panties yea...but that's not to say they dont' wear guys underwear too though!

  • I wouldn't say it's super common, no, but it's not unheard of. It's more of a personal quirk than something you should expect from bisexual guys in general. But why would you be freaked out? They're just underwear. If he's not wearing YOUR underwear, I wouldn't be concerned about it, haha.

  • I like the way guys package looks in pantyhose and panties.My boyfriend likes to wear womens clothes a lot,and he's pretty "manly",in all of the usual ways,he just being in drag,so I accommodate him.I've taken him shopping many times,for his own things,and likes wearing them when we're intimate.Trust me,he more than delivers the goods!

  • i hope not. lol

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