Girls, what does it mean when you make a peace sign and flick your tongue between it?

I've seen these pics/vids posted all over the web.

Why do girls do this?


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  • oral sex face

  • It's a symbol for "eat me" ... but usually not in a literal sense. It's not an invite to peform cunnilingus, I mean, but more like flipping the bird. Not in an actual "f*** you" way, but to be a jackass on purpose.

  • The peace sign part is a symbol of a girls legs the tongue refers to a person giving ideal to a girl! It maybe that they want it!

  • An aliens mouth sticking its tongue out duuh!

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    It's the equivalent of a man miming sucking cock. It's saying "Eat me" / "Blow me"

    • yeah this is pretty close. go with this one. Give him best answer.

  • it should be pretty obvious lol

  • It is labia, not a peace sign.

  • V + tongue... V + tongue... Oh, what could it possibly mean?