Guys can you tell if a girl is loose?

is that really a thing or is it made up? at what point during sex do you feel like you can tell if a girl is loose or not? if you have sex with your girlfriend regularly for 6 months is there a significant difference in tightness from the beginning of the 6 months to the end?


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  • Yes, it's definitely possible for a woman to be "loose". Vaginas vary in size just like penises do, and every other body part does. A small number of women simply have noticeably larger vaginas, and will be "loose" compared to the average, and a small number of women will be extra small. It happens; that's just how those people were built.

    Beyond that, vaginas can be MADE looser by trauma. Childbirth can definitely do it, especially having multiple children or having a difficult birth, but also being regularly fisted or using really large sex toys/objects can stretch and tear a woman and reduce the elasticity, making her looser.

    Finally, if a girl hasn't had sex for a while, her vaginal muscles will be used to being contracted all the time, and she'll seem to be "tight" the first couple of times, but as she starts having sex regularly, and the muscles get used to relaxing and stretching a bit, they get more "limber" (just like a person who stretches or does Yoga regularly), making her a bit "looser", though that really just means it's less difficult for him (and less painful for her) to penetrate her initially. Once inside, she won't seem any different. But if she goes without having sex for a couple of weeks, those muscles lose their ability to relax, and she'll seem "tighter" again (i.e., it will be harder for him to penetrate her at first) until she starts having sex again on a regular basis.

    This difference is minor, and any difference will be gone after just a few days of having sex regularly. If a girl hasn't had sex in a while, and starts having sex every day, there'll be a bit of a difference between Day one and Day 3, but no difference between Day 3 and Day 180. She doesn't get progressively looser the longer she goes.


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  • Yea you can tell if the girl is really tight or loose but it varies on the girl and guy. In general yu can tell but after 6 months I don't know because it depends on how loose you ripped her open.

  • looseness depends on how often and hard you have sex ! well a guy can feel it .naturally.

  • Yeah, you can tell when she's loose. Almost immediately.

    Normal sex (even 6 months worth) won't have any impact on her looseness.

  • I've been with loose vaginas before, there's less friction and more queefing lol. I can tell upon entering whether she'll be loose or not. Sometimes just by looking I can kind of tell.

    • so you would say if you put it in her and its frictiony and difficult to get in at first that she is tight? also if she never queefs?

    • Tight girls can queef too, it just depends on the position. If it's difficult to get in, she could be tight, but you gotta wait until her vagina gets accustomed to you to find out. Some girls are loose already, and others are loose after a while.

  • The only differences will be that

    #-she's more relaxed and that

    #-the guy learned how to turn her on.

    That makes entry easier indeed.

  • Some girls are more loose than others but rarely is a girl so loose that sex is bad. There is of course a difference between the beginning when you start to have sex and 6 months later. You can learn to get your muscles there tighter. I used to bang this hot 42 year old chick that had the tightest muff and I have had sex with 20 year olds that were loose as hell.


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  • Yes it's true. First of all not all vaginas are built the same. Second if a girl doesn't exercise her pelvic floor muscles she will feel loose