Are there any women who like fat guys?

You hear about guys who prefer fat women - they have p*rn targeted to such men. But, do women, ever, have the same kind of preference for men. Are are women's preferences for body types pretty much the same across the board, just that there's maybe a tolerance level for certain body types?

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  • I'm going to be honest and say that I personally don't. I lead an active lifestyle and I need someone who can keep up with me. Generally speaking, that doesn't mean a fatter guy. Also, I am 5'4, 112 lbs so if he's too big, he'll squish me without trying to and that'd be bad. I don't look at a fatter guy and automatically think, "Ew no." I think, "he probably wouldn't be interested in my lifestyle."

    I won't count him as a loss if he's not ripped, but there's a degree of weight that simply would not match my lifestyle, you know?

    If he's heavier naturally but likes to run, bike, ride horses, hike, camp, fish, and mountain climb, then I'd be all over that. But if he's heavier and likes to sit on the couch and eat chips, I'd probably avoid him. Make sense?

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      Well, aside from the being squished thing, would you be okay with a fat athlete? Like for instance, a sumo wrestler? Sumo wrestling is a serious sport that's respected in Japan.

      And, sumo wrestlers are not your typical fat-ass. They're very active, they train all day and spend most of their days working out. Consequently, they are really strong. It's just that they have to bulk up to have a better center of gravity.

      Would you date a sumo wrestler knowing that he is very active?

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      No, as long as we had similar lifestyles, his physical shape wouldn't matter.

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      But, would you want to see him naked? I ask that because you thought that sumo wrestlers wear diapers when, technically speaking, they really wear just a loin cloth. You probably thought that they were too gross to actually give them a good look. :D

      It's okay if you don't find fat men attractive. Most men don't find fat women attractive either. It's just that some actually do and go look for p*rn with them in it. I was just wondering if there was anything similar with women.