Are there any women who like fat guys?

You hear about guys who prefer fat women - they have p*rn targeted to such men. But, do women, ever, have the same kind of preference for men. Are are women's preferences for body types pretty much the same across the board, just that there's maybe a tolerance level for certain body types?

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  • I'm going to be honest and say that I personally don't. I lead an active lifestyle and I need someone who can keep up with me. Generally speaking, that doesn't mean a fatter guy. Also, I am 5'4, 112 lbs so if he's too big, he'll squish me without trying to and that'd be bad. I don't look at a fatter guy and automatically think, "Ew no." I think, "he probably wouldn't be interested in my lifestyle."

    I won't count him as a loss if he's not ripped, but there's a degree of weight that simply would not match my lifestyle, you know?

    If he's heavier naturally but likes to run, bike, ride horses, hike, camp, fish, and mountain climb, then I'd be all over that. But if he's heavier and likes to sit on the couch and eat chips, I'd probably avoid him. Make sense?

    • Well, aside from the being squished thing, would you be okay with a fat athlete? Like for instance, a sumo wrestler? Sumo wrestling is a serious sport that's respected in Japan.

      And, sumo wrestlers are not your typical fat-ass. They're very active, they train all day and spend most of their days working out. Consequently, they are really strong. It's just that they have to bulk up to have a better center of gravity.

      Would you date a sumo wrestler knowing that he is very active?

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    • No, as long as we had similar lifestyles, his physical shape wouldn't matter.

    • But, would you want to see him naked? I ask that because you thought that sumo wrestlers wear diapers when, technically speaking, they really wear just a loin cloth. You probably thought that they were too gross to actually give them a good look. :D

      It's okay if you don't find fat men attractive. Most men don't find fat women attractive either. It's just that some actually do and go look for p*rn with them in it. I was just wondering if there was anything similar with women.

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  • a little extra baggage- doesn't matter. very overweight-obese range no, I am not attracted. Kinda like what Prettygurl12 said- I'm active and want someone that will enjoy being active with me.

  • I can date chubby. I definitely don't have to be with someone who has an 8 pack to be satisfied. But at the same time, I wouldn't be interested in someone who was obese because our lifestyles would obviously be incompatible.

    • So, are you like prettygurl12 and physically active yourself? Or, are you just not attracted to the fatties? Because, I did bring up sumo wrestlers. They have to work out for their job if they're professional sumo wrestlers. But, they also have to be very fat.

  • Generally I don't choose a partner based on body type.

    If we're just looking at physical attractiveness, I often lean toward heavier men.

  • Personally, I've never looked at body types, I look at the person (inside) and see if we can get along. The more I get to know someone and enjoy them for them, the more I find them attractive.

    That's what should matter.

  • I am the proud girlfriend of a guy who is 5'8'' 230lbs

  • i do! there so cute and chubby and you get to play with with their man titties lol

    haha my ex was fat and after a while he would say, you know I think your a lesbian lol but I wasn't it

    now I do love a tight muscular guy don't get me wrong but I do love the teddy bears too

  • in all honesty mine list from HHHOT to lame goes skinny but no muscle, average, chubby, fat, all muscle, skinny with muscles. but this is just personal preference, there was once a bigger guy who liked me and I gave him a chance but I ended up not liking him not because of his size but because he wasn't a nerd and I just happen to only be attracted to nerds :P

    • yes because if you have muscle then you can't be a nerd lol.

    • they can be but the hugs from muscly guys are simply terrible, it like hugging a brick pillar :P

  • Plenty do, but I am not one of them ( I don't mind a few xtra pounds, and I don't care if a guy doesn't have 6 pack)


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  • Look I'm not a girl, but I have been larger than I prefer weight wise, and at one time when I was a younger man I was very active and into weight lifting which I got pretty good at, and then I stopped and gained a lot of weight, and now while I'm not lifting weights so much I have been exercising again and thus far I have lost about 35 to 40 lbs and I am still wanting to loose more. My whole point is that when I was leaner and more muscular I had no girlfriend or any women who were interested in me, which had more to do with my personality than my physique, and then when I was in poor shape I had several women who were more interested in me, more because I was more comfortable with myself than my physique. Ultimately it seems it far more important how you treat women and interact with them, than if you look like Mr. Olympia. Now I'm not suggesting that some exercise can't hurt, just that it's not everything for most women. If you can make a woman laugh or feel at ease and comfortable or better yet both then you have the beginnings of something that looks alone can't provide, so try and keep that in mind. Lastly if the woman is that hung up about your appearance, you probably don't want much to do with her as she may have shallow tendencies and you would be far better off with a quality woman looking for a more meaningful relationship. Anyway I hope this helps you some.

    • If you were in Japan, and Japanese, you'd probably could just only work out and not try to lose any weight and girls there might think you're hot. Sumo wrestlers do manage to get models, famous actresses, and pop singers as their wives or girlfriends.

      But, I brought up being Japanese because they do look at foreigners who try to come to dominate their sport with animosity.

    • But, I didn't read your entire post, before I made the sumo wrestler post. I just kind of thought that the sumo wrestlers getting skinny, pretty girlfriends and wives in Japan was funny. And, your first couple of sentences launched me into that.

      Anyways, you have a point. I kind of think that women tend to look at looks less, especially as they get older and aren't fat themselves. Honestly, fat girls, don't seem to ever want to be with fat men. They tend to chase after the skinny guys. :D

  • i think most women would want to date fit guys, they want a father who will be around for quite a while to at least raise the children out of the nest

    • Maybe, but they also care about being financially stable if you're going to go with that. Honestly, my dad is fat and my mom skinny and pretty. Although, when they met, he wasn't fat. He only got that way because he worked alot, I guess. And, my mom cleaned the house a lot and did house work, so she managed to stay skinny.

      I think that Homer Simpson thing you see on TV was pretty common for middle class families in America. I think it's happening less because of our failing economy. :(

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    • umm no fit guys are healthier, and generally better looking as well along with usually living longer. like you said your dad was fit when he met your mom, iam sure your mom doesn't like his weight gain, but the fact that he brings home the bacon makes up for the fact. that's really the only exception for over weight guys. sad but true

    • Yeah, but when we're talking about living, fat people don't live a considerably shorter lives than healthier people. They do usually live long enough to see grand kids. At the very least, if you exercise enough, you'll pretty long - even if you're overweight. The average lifspan of a sumo wrestler is 65, whereas the average for a man is 70. Sumo wrestlers are obese, but only 5 years short of what's average for men.

  • sometimes I wonder if they do or they just say that do just to protect our feelings

  • I'll bet no. Not truly fat lol. And even so, I'll bet those saying yes are just saying yes cause they're saying "ya there are women like that" not "ya, I would."

    Though, in fairness, I think a woman is more likely to overlook it than a man with those standards.

    • That's why I asked if women were the same in the looks category across the board. Women don't seem to discriminate on looks as bad as men do, but they don't seem to have a varying preference like men do. Some men love overweight women and the p*rn category for them is BBW (big, beautiful woman).

      But, you don't see anything like that for women. So, it's hard to tell if women are like that or not.

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    • I don't know if women are more shallow than men. I have to disagree. Maybe you're not a shallow guy and you've only meet shallow women, but I don't think women are necessarily more shallow than men. I mean, at least they appear to have more criteria than men do.

      Men tend to be focused mostly on looks first and then the relationship stuff come after. And, women are more emotional than men. Men are more physical and that's why we tend to "objectify" women more.

    • Nah, the little boys do look only at the physical first. But when they finally become men? They tend to get over that. The sad fact is almost none become real men. Though, I guess we can say the same for the girls. So many people refuse to grow up.