Did I squirt or pee?

My boyfriend was fingering me last night and he was hitting my g-spot and I squirted, or at least I thought I did (and I think he thought so too). Later though I noticed my pants smelled like pee... I'm a little confused and embarrassed. I've heard you can feel like you need to pee when you're g-spot is hit, so how do you control pee when you're going to have an orgasm, and how do you know if it's pee or just squirting?


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  • whenever I have a g-spot orgasm I always smell the mattress when by boyfriend leaves to get new sheets, and I always get a little embarrassed cause it slightly smells like pee. but I know it isn't because I go pee right before sex. but I feel SO much better now that other people say that it kinda smells like pee... so thanks for posting this question :)


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  • The Female ejaculate has some urine in it (which is the main ingredient of pee, as you know).. Therefore, it is normal for it to smell like that.

    If you go pee before intercourse, you can be absolutely sure that you are squirting and not peeing.

  • You can lose bladder control during an orgasm and you can pee without restriction during one (men can't) A real "squirt" is the ejection, during orgasm of fluid from one or both of the two Skene's glands near the urethra and is identical to prostatic fluid except for semen and is bleach-smelling. It is not a pee spray, more like a small pump hairspray spritz.

    The g-spot is part of the clitoral system from the glans down to the bottom if the inner labia. The urethra passes under the g-spot through a cleft in the pubic bone. The anterior end of the g-spot in front of the cervix is at the base of the bladder and pressure can create a need-to-pee feeling.

    The best way to avoid a pee "accident" during orgasm is to pee before having sex.

  • You didn't pee you squirted, and congrats not many girls can.

    It's smells like pee because it comes from the same place. but its not pee.

  • I hear from a lot of places the female ejaculate has small traces of pee and that's why it smells like pee. how do you tell if you are peeing or squirting I have no idea.

  • it wasn't pee at all

    it was female ejaculate

    u squirted!


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  • Is it pee or is it not pee? The female ejaculation has inspired considerable research. So far, most scientists agree that they don't know enough. Most recorded case studies on the phenomenon were through Dr. Kinsey during his famous research. But many studies since have followed. There is some proof that the female ejaculate in some cases DOES contain a small amount or urine while there is also some proof that in other cases that female ejaculation contains NO urine. The only reasonable conclusion is that there are two types of female ejaculation. There is another physiological response to such stimulation called "urinary stress incontinence" in which something as profound as an extreme orgasm can force a sudden urination. When studying female ejaculation and urinary stress incontinence, several studies have shown that some women do both when they experience these especially great orgasms while other women have been observed to eject huge amounts of semen-like fluid (minus the sperm) that emitted from the vagina (not urethra) with no trace of urine or even signs of urinary action (a catheter was used to separate the urethra from the vagina). There have been very few if no reliable cases of women who orgasm and produce ONLY the urinary stress incontinence "spray." So either way, even though it is still not fully understood, it is the result of an extreme orgasm and at the very least, it is not JUST urine.

    Some researchers believe that many more women are capable of such orgasms than have been studied and even some people theorize that ALL women are capable of achieving an ejaculation orgasm. This would be like comparing the average female orgasm with only working on one side of a Rubik's Cube while working out and completing the whole cube is similar to the "Big Orgasm." This theory suggests that all is required is the right combination of stimulations which many women have not discovered.

    I am a squirter and can do it quite often and consistently. I believe that what you described was indeed a good old squirt. I think that's great! Congratulations.

  • Female "squirting" ejaculate contains no urine and is very similar in composition to male ejaculate minus the swimmers. And of course it can potentially be more voluminous. NOT PEE!

  • female ejaculate (squirt) does have some pee in it. my guess is that's what you were smelling. no worries.