Around what age do girls begin feeling pleasure 'there'?

When I was a twelve year old boy, I used to rub my penis against my bed and feel pleasure in doing it. But I could not tell what that pleasure really was. At 14, I became aware of my sexuality, began masturbating and knew what that pleasure really was.

I am just curious about what it is like for girls. When do they usually realize that touching or rubbing their vulva feels good? Does it vary greatly among girls or does it usually happen around a certain age?

If any ladies here could share more on this, please.


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  • It depends on the girl -- when her cycle's about to start and how developed she is. There's no fixed age. Many girls don't even think to try that until way, way after they've been having periods, etc. I know several girls who have never tried to find out at all, for reasons of their own.


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  • I matsurbate myself when I was in a music concert when I was 7, LOL!

    • Really? At 7? Hard to believe. But thanks for sharing.

    • Not sure if it's 7 but I was small. And don't get wrong that I'm insane or sth, I just don't even know what's matsurbate until I got to this website, and I wasn't really matsurbate too, I was just feeling good ' there'

  • You can feel pleasure there at any age. Toddler s can feel pleasure. When I was a little girl I would scoot to the edge of a chair and spread my legs(to put pressure on my clit ) I had no idea why it felt good but it did. It wasn't until I was 14 that I started masturbating because I was horny. Then I knew what I was doing and understood why

    • As far as toddler boys are concerned I don't think the penis gives them that sort of pleasure at that age. I am profoundly surprised to know that little girls can feel pleasure in the vagina, but of course they wouldn't know what it is. Still, I never thought that was possible at a very young age.

    • It is. I'm not sure about boys though because I am not a boy

  • I started touching myself when I was too young to even remember my age. I didn't know what the hell it was, I just knew it felt good.

  • I think I read somewhere that these areas are pleasurable even for the newborns. But because in this age children don't try to discover their bodies and most parents don't talk about these things in front of their children and prevent them from touching themselves as they are still young so they don't know about it. However, the sexual maturity is completed in the age of puberty which is different depending on the gender and the person.

    As for me, I knew about my sexuality when I was 18.

  • I was raped at 12. It didn't feel good. Don't remember before that. Sex is never enjoyable. even when it is physically it isn't psychologically or emotionally.


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  • this must be the most important question ever asked !

    what ever would we do with out creepy questions.