How to tease a guy ?

Guys how do you like to be teased ?

Also girls what things have you found men to like when teasing ?


Most Helpful Girl

  • Oh man I tease my boyfriend all the time. Simple things like, "damn baby I wish you were here" and then they go oh why? And you can be like ;

    1 ) I'm wearing the cutest outfit, including cute underwear

    2 ) I'm completeny naked.

    just things YOU know will turn him on and drive me crazy.

    i know you have it in you girl :D

    • Don't know why you're getting thumbs down. This is almost exactly what I was referring to above. BTW #2 would really drive me wild! lol

    • Haha thank youu . I was wondering why I was too =p .

What Guys Said 5

  • Oh, you were teasing? Just teasing? Haha. I don't like being teased. -- Brett Maverick, Maverick

  • A girl who bites her bottom lip coyly is simply irresistable. Maybe it's just me.

  • My friend Cj love to have his scratched. I like mor physical contact. If you trying to tease him then hold him and his hands. Just get really close and physical. And when he wants to kiss or makeout don't let him just get really close to his face and tempt him but don't give it to him.

  • By pretending you have something we want and won't show it to us or give it to us until the time is right.

  • yup I agree with Kain6th


What Girls Said 6

  • The challenge is better than letting him get his way.

  • say, "can't wait til we hang out ;)"

    -ohh :), why is that?

    -"it's a suprise, guess you'll just have to wait and find out ;)"

  • you an tease guys by licking your lips or sucking on a lolipop. It's sexy because your not even touching them that right there lets you know if he will be into you if he's lookin at you while you do that or just giving you da hint then you got him turnd on.LOL. Every girl has it in them to be sexy and seductive remember da beest way is to give him a preview just by doin that of what he can have.

  • Well if you want to tease him about sex then,there are many diffrent can either kiss him with tongue/make out let him but not let him go crazy and want some;),kiss his d*** through his clothes,or sit on his lap maybe and touch him there but try to act like you don't mean it ha.Guys are different but I'm sure they all like to be touched hahaha! jus ask them lol...anyways,you can even tease him with you own body and maybe even grind on him ha:)

  • they like grinding, that's for sure. teasing, say things that are sexy and that he likes. ask what your boyfriend likes, I'm sure he can help out with that.