Pregnant women turn on or turn off?

I'm pregnant and I keep hearing how sexy I am and then I have heard that I'm a fat slob despite them knowing I'm pregnant... What do you think?

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  • Turn off
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  • I don't have a particular opinion on pregnant women in general, though I don't think they are unsexy at all. I guess I'm saying I don't have a fetish for them.

    But, if I'm with a woman carrying our kid, then she is 10000% sexy to me, and I'll ravish her as much as she wants and can take from me.


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  • Turn off, I don't look at women who are pregnant at all, if it was a girl who I was married to who was pregnant with my baby then it would be a turn on

    • I wasn't asking I it's random pregnant girls it could be your wife or whatever, it's just a general question

  • I don't even think about pregnant women that way, pregnant women aren't supposed to be sexy at all.

  • If she's your wife and you wanted to have the kid, then knowing she's carrying your child and seeing her all happy and motherly is great. If you got stuck with the kid and didn't want it and are not prepared for it to happen it probably makes you sick to your stomach. For an average guy, probably a turn off. She's with some other dude and having his kid, she's fat & heavy, etc. She's in the hands off category.

  • I don't know if its a "turn-on" but women just give off a beautiful vibe. I've heard that they actually do have a glow about them. Maybe that's it.

  • Neither.

  • i find it to be e pretty big turn on : P

  • Lol a fat slob. I think women are beautiful while preggo

  • Not sexy. Pretty much how nature designed it. After all, there's not that much to be gained (from an evolutionary perspective) in getting hard over and ejaculating into a girl who's already pregnant. As a result, we don't tend to find visibly pregnant women all that arousing compared to their non-pregnant counterparts.

  • pregnant women have the absolute best t*ts, plus you can f*** them without a condom and not worry about getting them pregnant. Pregnant women are hot in some ways, but not in others. It really depends on the mood I'm in.

    But I absolutely love the t*ts. Mwwwaa

  • Huge turn on. Not to sound like a freak but I masturbate to pregnant women in p*rn alot. (yes such catergories do exist lol) And seeing them squirt there milk from there boobs is the most amazing thing in the world.

    • I know there is such p*rn my ex husband showed me and its not a sick things its kinda cool

    • Indeed lol

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  • I think being pregnant is such a beautiful thing, women should embrace it. Never worry about the ones who say it is gross or nasty because they don't know what they are talking about.

  • Some guys are into it

  • Most men aren't turned on by pregnant women, other than the woman carrying their child(especially if it's the first, it's all special and sh*t).

  • If the woman was already hot before and she's now carrying a baby, I'd imagine they would look even better than before.

  • You should have included a neutral option. Most guys aren't attracted to pregnant women for a host of reasons: someone else's baby, really heavy/weight gain, swlloen looking, stretch marks, swollen ankles etcetc. That being said, most guys are also probably not thinking pregnant chicks are a disgusting turn off. So your poll results are probably not all thar accurate.

    • Well if the person has a neutral feeling towards it they don't have to vote on the pole they can just write a comment.

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    • Well I can tell if more guys like sex with pregnant girls then if girl like having sex being pregnant and the only way it would be 100% accurate is if I had said inless you know from experiance don't vote on the pole, just because someone thinks it may be one way doesn't mean it's going to happen that way.

    • Whatevet you just said made absolutely no sense. Rephrase, or better yet, just forget about it.

  • I remember when I was pregnant and showing, guys were always saying how sexy I was. I get that anyway but it was weird when I was pregnant. Some guys obviously like it.