What would you do if you were foolin' around w/a guy &...

...he came down your low cut shirt between your boobs?

And you were backstage @ a club & couldn't change clothes or totally wash it off?


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  • Smack him upside the head.

  • Act like your farted and party on.

  • go home I guess

  • How exactly did you let that happen?

  • Camietowns a biddie; wapatah to the bammies on the Pannie Stai!


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  • I guess the only thing you can do is wipe off with a napkin. I'm not really sure why he'd release in such an obvious place knowing you're in public, just for that I'd clean off on his shirt

    • I didn't think of that...I kinda just found some paper towels & found my friends @ the bar.

      I guess he thinks he's a rock god & can do anything he wants.

      Sorta ruined my night.

      He's a sh*tty singer too.

    • ha what a load of whacko ( I mean the situation)

  • What would you do if you were foolin' around w/a guy he came down your low cut shirt between your boobs?

    I'd tazer him before stomping on his d*ck ensuring I broke it and literally busted his balls. Then clean up possibly while kicking him in the face and call my gal pals for a change of clothes as their trunks are like a closet.

  • Go home.

    Rinse my shirt off in the bathroom saying someone spilt a drink down it, and dry it under the dryers.

    Wipe it and hope no one notices because it's dark.

    Question why I let it happen in the first place.

    • I thought he was cool for about 10 mins.

      He's a cock!

    • I have had this situation happen to me. What a great idea. I always tried rubbing it out with a paper towel and it made it worse. I feel dumb for not thinking of it myself.

  • Knock him out and take his shirt.

    Or just take his shirt.

    why would you let that happen in the first place -.-"

    If you have any friends also at the club, call them up and ask for help.

  • Hahahaha you a HOOCHIE girl!

  • I'm not sure how you managed to get it down the front of your shirt. In my head I imagine him standing on his hands with his d*** down your shirt just blowing his load lol. But I guess you can just rinse it off...or go home. Honestly, I'd go home.

    • he just aimed downward I guess

  • I always spill my Pina Coladas... ;)