Going down on me?

I know my boyfriend is going to try and eat me out, and I wanna smell really good and taste really good for him. I'm not saying my vagina stank, cause it don't. But I need some tips. I know you girls out there know some! Be honest and tell me what you use.


Most Helpful Guy

  • wow I hope I am in the running for a best answer because I know the best answer...

    okay go to your natural organic store and buy "tea tree" liquid soap. it is expensive cost like $14.00?

    but your privates will smell awesome and perfect... and your boyfriend will do a awesome job because of the way it smells. oh also what helps is if you shave...


    if you do not have that kind of money you can go to walmart or family dollar and buy "summers eve" liquid soap. $5.00 ?

    good luck...