Is it safe to finger a stripper?

She also rubbed p**** juice on her nipples and had me suck on them.

All fin at the time...but am I at risk now?

Most Helpful Girl

  • Vaginal secretions carry STD's and by getting that in your mouth you are at risk for oral herpes or gonorrhea infection... and it's unlikely since its a small amount but the fluid carries the AIDS virus and you are at risk for getting that. So I would get checked and consider it a lesson learned.

    • Are you sure you're not confusing "stripper" with "crack whore"?

    • No there are a lot of good, clean strippers out there but this one he's talking about just sounds nasty letting him do things like that, most respectable ones have a no hands on rule anyway.... but I'm just trying to warn him that vaginal secretions carry STD's and HIV... can you ever really be too safe? Considering that 1 of every 4 to 5 people have herpes these days, I don't think you can.