Is it safe to finger a stripper?

She also rubbed p**** juice on her nipples and had me suck on them.

All fin at the time...but am I at risk now?


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  • Vaginal secretions carry STD's and by getting that in your mouth you are at risk for oral herpes or gonorrhea infection... and it's unlikely since its a small amount but the fluid carries the AIDS virus and you are at risk for getting that. So I would get checked and consider it a lesson learned.

    • Are you sure you're not confusing "stripper" with "crack whore"?

    • No there are a lot of good, clean strippers out there but this one he's talking about just sounds nasty letting him do things like that, most respectable ones have a no hands on rule anyway.... but I'm just trying to warn him that vaginal secretions carry STD's and HIV... can you ever really be too safe? Considering that 1 of every 4 to 5 people have herpes these days, I don't think you can.

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  • Strippers are people

    Your just at as much risk doing that to some chick you meet at a bar or even through mutual friends, you have to be careful regardless who your with, don't stereotype.

  • A stripper is there to watch not touch. Be careful next time

  • that is disgusting.

    if she let you do that, and is a stripper, imagine how may other guys have touched and f***ed her!


    ewwwww . . . .

    get yourself a CLEAN girlfriend. . . one where you know where she has been!


  • Hmmmm

    well if you sucked on her nipples you could be at risk

    sometimes girls nipples can leak or if you suck on them sometimes with out you knowing she could have had a baby and could still have some juices in her breasts so when you suck on them hard enough you could sucked som juices out.

    So you should get your self checked out ASAP!

    Good Luck

  • that's dirty

    next time just watch...


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  • At risk for what? Cholera? The bubonic plague? Cancer?

  • You've got nothing to worry about, really. Just use better judgments to keep the odds on your side (and to preserve a little dignity/reputation)

  • You probably have hours to live

  • Did you eat skittles out of her butthole too?

    Its a Pineapple Express reference. But seriously, I wouldn't mess with strippers, you really don't want too.

  • duuuude... go get yourself tested..

    Be smarter next time, Seriously.What you did was uncool. I hope you're okay man