Do bigger penises last longer?

hey, do bigger dicks last longer during sex/oral?


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  • No.

    How long a man lasts depends on several things. Since sex is about 10% physical and 90% mental, how long a person lasts is mostly dependent on the level of arousal, which is largely mental. Ask yourself how long it would take you to get there if you were having sex in the most romantic fantasy you could muster? Not long. Would that depend on your physical attributes?

    Penis size has nothing to do with how long we can last.. Nothing whatsoever.

    It's all in his head. Seriously.

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      Yep. Length doesn't matter one bit... do girls last longer if their vagina goes over 6 inches deep? or if its less do they come faster?


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      And if ANYTHING, it'd be the other way around: more girth would seem to mean more friction right? and a faster orgasm. but really, that wouldn't make a noticeable difference I wouldn't think. biologically, there'd be no reason for bigger to last longer. the ONLY connection I could see would be if someone had insecurities about their size that created some kind of anxiety and affected their performance.