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Straight Flag?

Ok, so the gay flag looks like a rainbow, but is there a straight flag? If there's not, what do you think the "straight flag" should look like?

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  • It should be white with a pole surrounded by a ring on it.

    • Oh for the symbol of marriage? The ring going around a finger?

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  • im sure this question is all hypotheticalbut there shouldn't be one. the gay flag is a symbol of pride , in times of extreme judgmentim not saying your not allowed to be proud that your straight, but what trials have you been put through because of it?LGBT (lesbian, gay, bisexual, & transgendered) people have a reason to be proud of there diversity

    • Thank you.

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    • Wow, your a child, open your mouth when your off the tit

    • So... you DON'T have an answer to my question; just some half ass remark that you thought was witty?

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