Kate Middleton pregnant. Why do people get excited about other people having a baby?!

I'm sure you have heard about Kate Middleton being pregnant...and now for the next 8months we are going to hear about everywhere :/ (still don't understand the fascination that people have with the Royal Family in North America lol).

So I;m wondering why people get excited about someone they don't know/will never know about having a baby?


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  • "I'm sure you have heard about Kate middleton being pregnant"

    Not until now, I hadn't, and I couldn't care less.

    Anyway, if friends of mine are having a baby, I'm excited for them. People I don't know, I couldn't give a damn whether they're bringing another rugrat into the world or not.

    I don' t know how many people in the US are actually fascinated with the Royal Family. I've certainly never met anyone who is. I honestly just think it's the media not having anything better, you know, like real news, to report on.


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  • Some people care about the royals.

    Some women are baby crazy.

    Most people, once they have kids, are more excited about kids. Though they also complain about them more.

  • Beats me. I don't get how people like the queen. What's the big deal? She's a person, albeit arbitrarily rich person who is randomly worshipped by people for no particular reason except that she waves to them lol

  • They are overhyped...whats so great in that

  • I hate that tart so much >.>

    Sorry? Oh, I guess it's just people looking for something to talk about in this dull, depressing world we live in :O

  • because kate middleton is hot

    and many men have dreamed of having that honor

  • i couldn't stand all that royal wedding bullsh*t! like it made me wanna vomit. and now this? kill me, kill me now. seriously who gives a f***? they didn't broadcast it when my mom had me why should we care if she is having a baby?


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  • I almost feel bad for being disappointed that she's having a baby.

    But, hey, there's no denying it, I have a problem with pregnant women nine times out of ten. So I'll be even more glad when everyone stops talking about the royal baby.

    • ahaha, why do you have a problem with pregnant women?

    • I'm not really sure why. It's just that people reproducing really bothers me. Seems like the better opinion I have of someone, the more I hate it when they start popping out babies.

  • I don't, I never do. Unless my mom or sister has a baby, then I will be excited, other than that, nooo. I did not even know Kate was pregnant and I don't really care lol.

  • Because Kate is gorgeous and William is gorgeous and they are going to make gorgeous babies. They are good people, and it's nice to see good people procreating. They're going to be fabulous parents and they're going to raise a wonderful child who will be a pleasure to see.

  • Royalty isn't what it used to be but I think it's interesting that one day that child will be king or queen of England. it's kind of a big deal to a lot of people. Being interested in history it's a big deal to me (though I totally get not caring too)

    • The monarch still has a lot of power, it's just not used. The queen could dissapate our parliament if she wanted.

      Also this new heir will be very important on the global stage. Once our current queen dies ( after she loses her immortality) the commonwealth will be at question as most people want to move away from having a monarchy.

  • I'm British and I find it ridiculous!

    Here, they are taking bets on what name it will have (guesses are Elizabeth and William most popular, Philip and Diana next) and they're even taking bets on when/where the thing was conceived!

    Don't get me wrong, I love having a Royal Family, but it seems mental at times. The coverage for the wedding started at 6am with the Prince going for his breakfast... I was up early for work that day. They are people as well, give them some space! She's not even 12 weeks gone!

  • It's because they're royal, people follow there every move and some people look up to them as role models. I'm not that fussed on them but I think they're great people, great role models and it's great that they're having a kid. I think it's going to be a bigger fuss as Kate is sick and it's also been a long time since there has been a baby in the royal family. Also the whole change of rules where even if the baby is a girl or boy he/she is 3rd in line for the throne.

    My family is having a bit of fun with it, we're guessing the date its going to be born :P

  • Because she's a royal and Americans gobble them up.