Kate Middleton pregnant. Why do people get excited about other people having a baby?!

I'm sure you have heard about Kate Middleton being pregnant...and now for the next 8months we are going to hear about everywhere :/ (still don't understand the fascination that people have with the Royal Family in North America lol).

So I;m wondering why people get excited about someone they don't know/will never know about having a baby?


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  • "I'm sure you have heard about Kate middleton being pregnant"

    Not until now, I hadn't, and I couldn't care less.

    Anyway, if friends of mine are having a baby, I'm excited for them. People I don't know, I couldn't give a damn whether they're bringing another rugrat into the world or not.

    I don' t know how many people in the US are actually fascinated with the Royal Family. I've certainly never met anyone who is. I honestly just think it's the media not having anything better, you know, like real news, to report on.