Girls, have you ever engaged in a "daddy" fantasy or roleplay?

My Girlfriend is so into this. She loves to be treated like daddy's little girl, in and out of the bedroom (don't get me wrong, it's not 24/7, just when she feels like it).

We'll have sessions where she's been naughty and gets the over the knee spanking that she deserves.

Other times she'll have me slowly remove her clothing and act as if what we're doing is totally forbidden.

She loves for me to take her to the mall and buy young girl clothes that help her play the part.

I love her very much, and she assures me that she was never abused as a child. It's just something that really, really excites her.

So I'm wondering, have you engaged in similar role plays and/or fantasies? How do they make you feel, and how do you feel about them?


Most Helpful Girl

  • i have a friend who used to(I hope she doesn't still...but she may...i don't see her too often and I don't know her boy friend very well)

    but she used to just snap into these moment where she would legit. act like a baby. like when we were kids and like playing or hanging out just snap into baby talk and action and weird sh*t.

    honestly it was weird and really really annoying. like I hate immaturity. I don't know if she does it now though. I assume it was because her parents were weird. they seemed happy and then divorce and a week later they had both moved on to now loves like no sh*t and with in a month they both got married and both new "parents" already had children two of which were younger than her. so she went from being mum and dads only little baby to the middle of two step babies and a HORRRIBLE older step sister, with her same name.

    so maybe did her parents ever get divorced? or did her father ever deny her love?like she could be craving a fathers love?

    but I don't think I could ever get into any sort of roleplaying. I just like it real. and with Him. not some fictitious character