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Why do I like giving guys boners?

Why do I like giving guys boners? well, why do I ? I think it's fun but what else?

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  • Probably just from the fact that you can do it pretty easily whenever you want to once you know the tricks. Then once you do, you get the instant gratification sort of thing like a guy/girl making a basket in sports, a strike in bowling, or a hit or home run in a ball game, etc. Guys are at a disadvantage that way in that they can't always control the pleasure they get from visual stimulation, and mental sexual stimulation caused by a tease.

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  • You just like being a tease. It's not a problem.

  • you like it because its flattering. a nice little ego boost :) you turn him on enough to make him hard.

    • Yah, I have been told the same by a couple girls, heck I then asked what if we jerked off to pics of you, and both girls said it is actually more flattering. They say it is a huge ego boost knowing they can make guys come just from their looks.

    • Pretty much lol but wouldn't you feel the same way if the situation were reversed?

  • Haha I don't know but I do too lol.

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