She doesn't get very wet, so she isn't turned on?

My new girlfriend doesn't get very wet, a little yes.. but it's also hard to make her wet.

She says she is turned on, and she asks me to have sex often, but then when I start touching her she is dry? so I don't get it? is she lying and not really that turned on?

My ex girlfriend was very wet , easily, I can say she was wet always , she was even embarrassed about it.

So comparing to my new girlfriend I don't really know what is wrong ? she isn't so much turned on like my ex?


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  • She is not as wet as your ex because she is NOT your ex. She is a whole and different person then your ex. Did you ever stop and think that? I mean everyone is different. So she does not lubricate well. Help her out. A small dab of KY, tasteless odorless, goes a long way. She may need a lot more foreplay before she gets to an acceptable level of wet.

    Part of the turn off might be that you are comparing her to the ex!

    Ever stop and think that she might not be wet cause you are not as endowed as her ex?


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  • Ask her what she likes.. find out what really gets her there and don't enter her until she is wriggling and practically begging for it :)

    Don't compare your ladies.. that is tacky. All women are different and if she found out you were comparing her she would be embarrassed and hurt.

    Are you giving her oral sex? Cos if you give a girl head there is basically no chance of her not gettiing wet, so that is one possible solution.

    If all fails use lube. But for the love of god try everything else before you do.

    • If he goes down on you and there is no wetness there when he comes up, then something went wrong - terribly so, while he was down under.

    • that was point lol ?

  • She probably doesn't produce as much lubricant compared to other girls. There are girls who get turn on, but doesn't get as wet, so instead of thinking that she's lying to you, maybe you can use lubricant?

  • Wow, I am the same way, I am very very dry even when I'm turned on sometimes. Thereafter, my boyfriend always goes down on me first or spends quite a while in foreplay or we use lube, but I am definitely turned on.

  • Some girls are dry even when they are turned on. So try some lube.


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  • Some girls don't get wet when turned on.

    I think she masturbates too much or uses too much toys such as a vibrator. It can desynthesize a vag*na.

    • Wow. Ignorance at it's best. I find that if you do not know anything factual that you should keep your opinion to yourself. This answer is so messed up. First - this web site has spell check embedded in their answer and question sections. Second have proof of what you say. Show me where frequent to obsessive masturbation or use of a vibrator desensitizes the vagina .

      You said that you think that she masturbates too much. Tell me, why do you think this? Masturbation was never mentioned.

    • Why are trying to create drama? What part of my answer is it considered "ignorant"? I wouldn't say such things if I have not experienced such situations. I was a branch sales manager of Adam&Eve, the company sells sex toys. We have studies that show if women use it too much, it can de-synthesize them down there(no orgasms or discharge) and we stamp this warning on every toy.

      You're in your 40' age. You should know this, oh wait have you even got laid before? Don't start drama here please

  • Every girl is different and unique. Maybe she require longer foreplay. Try cunnilingus, after that that most girls is really wet.

  • She's not going to be a firehose down there. Different girls get to different levels of wet. One of my exes used to drip if I got her horny enough.