Average male thigh size?

I have always wondered this.

Mine are 25 inches around the thickest part. Is this too big? They rub together a tad when I walk, is this normal?


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  • thighs rubbing together is not normal. try running/cardio to loose weight.

    • Wrong. It's normal and pretty commone

    • @Q.A. I m 6'O'' and weigh172 lbs(78kg) and my thighs are 20 inches each in circumference..

      Thighs rubbing together is symptom of more than normal body fat so I suggest you to do cardio ,my thighs don't rub and by the way in defence medical if your both knees touch each other then its a cause of rejection

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  • It doesn't sound too large. How tall are you?

    • 5'10

    • Ok it sounds OK as long as you aren't overweight. If you are overweight then you just need to loose fat all over

    • Im about 188-194

  • You should go by whether you are a healthy weight. Since I've gained some weight this year my thighs started to touch just a little bit, but I'm still underweight. I don't think its a big deal.


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  • Mine use to not rub together but I've been working my lower body more at the gym. It feels weird because now my thighs are squishing my balls a little.

    • Ive been going to the gym and working out as well. My legs have gone from 23.5

  • I never measured mine

  • Mine do too. Lose weight and look into some of the things ladies do to lose inches. in specific areas. I don't know if they really work, but who knows? I swear if I ever get lipo I'm having em hit my legs first cause it drives me nuts.