Is it true that Asian women have tighter vaginas than most other women?

I am asking to somewhat confirm a few things and to learn more!

First, many Asian women are petite. The tightest p**** I have ever had sex with was a Latino who was 4 foot 10. The second and third were the two Asian girls I have been with, who were around 5 foot 4 each actually.

Secondly, many Asian men have small penises, which would leave one to believe they are the perfect size for a small vagina Asian women.

The two Asian girls I had sex with were both around 30, when I was 25 and then 26. They were still so beautiful and so tight! Even tighter than younger girls around 18, 19 and 20 that have been with!

So this is my experience. I have also heard from many other guys that Asian girls are the tightest.

Whenever I see a petite and beautiful Asian girl, as I did about 20 minutes ago, my mind goes racing and fantasizing about this.

So, any more experience? Any answers?

I should add that I had this question before I went to Asia for a year. I really cannot comment on a comparison between small, medium, and large size girls because I only hooked up with petite, super petite and very petite. Of those girls, in every case they were about the tighest I have been with. I had sex with 8 girls in Asia. South Korea, China, and Thailand. So I can now confidently say that Asian girls are very tight. But I cannot account as to why.


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  • I think I'm pretty tight and I'm asian. The first time my boyfriend made love to me, we couldn't even do doggy style because it was too deep and it didn't fit, he could only fit half of it for the first time. If we don't make love for 2 weeks, I end up only being able to put in one finger. My boyfriend says I'm pretty tight. If we make love after a while of not doing it (business trips), then it would hurt a bit for 10mins when he penetrates me.

    • Interesting, my wife is Asian as is the same. If we've been busy and haven't done it for a while, she's super tight again.

    • We all get tight again if we haven't had sex in awhile, it's not just Asian women.

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  • I haven't slept with any Asian girls. I fingered one, she felt pretty normal. She was not especially petite.

    It may be that 'petiteness' matters more.

    Its going to be very hard to get information. Its hard to pin down the average length of a male penis, and how it varies by ethnicitiy, and measuring the length of a penis is comparatively easy compared to measuring how tight a vagina is.


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  • They feel tight to you because they're small

  • No, that's not true. If you're petite it doesn't mean that you're tight, same for if you're on the heavier side, it doesn't mean you have a bigger p****. It's different for every girl, but based on experience I'm Asian and 5'6''..out of all the guys I've had sex with, they have said that I'm tight, tighter than the girls that they've had sex with, but with my current boyfriend no matter how much we have sex, I'm still the same, I'm still tight, so it varies and depends on the girl.

    • doesn't your situation prove my theory?

  • My guess is they probably don't have sex with penises bigger than the Asian ones.

  • I don't think one race is all the same for having tight p****** every woman is different whether or not she is asian.I have seen p*rn with Asian girls their p****** are always hairy.

    • How does hairy relate to tightness?

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    • she's just trying to run down Asian girls cos banging her is like throwing a hot-dog down a hallway

    • Lmao

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  • race has nothing to do with it i believe

  • WHAT! I have a small penis? I should shove mine up your nose and make you scream. LMAO

    I don't believe this one bit, I can't talk out of experience, because I've only been with one woman in my life, but stereotyping and stamping certain races and genders like that isn't good.

    Many Asians are known to do well in school and to be very successful in life, do you also say that they are the most intelligent race on the planet?

    • If you put a pin up a person's nose they will scream. So I guess you didn't think your analogy through. The school thing with Asians has to do with a culture of parents pressuring the children to study.

    • Yes they are lol u didn't even know that, and tried to use it like a punchline hahaha, u got OWNED

  • I find that vaginal depth varies more with height. Short girls tend not to be able to accomodate larger penises. That's why tall girls are where it's at.

  • It's a myth! You get tight and loose in all nationalities! My tightest was a nearly 6' English girl. My experience with Chinese and Indian women, is that they are no smaller or bigger vagina wise than Caucasians. I have found that some shorter women do sometimes have a problem accommodating length though.

  • Well I'm still researching by trying to sleep with every woman of every race, but so far my research indicates yes. Other than the 2 virgins I've had (who were white) the tightest I ever had was a south Korean prostitute! That's right she was a prostitute and was still tighter than the rest... which leads me to believe they are indeed tighter. I've never heard anyone say different.

    • Prostitutes do exercises to keep themselves tight. I have been with South Korean girls and they were pretty tight. I am going to Thailand soon and I am pretty sure those girls are super tight even though they probably have sex more than p*rn stars!

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