Really freaky things to do in bed?

Can I get some suggestions for freaky things to do in bed? I've searched but most of the stuff I've found is *really* bland. I'm looking for suggestions on actual kinky stuff here not just anal.Any suggestions? I'm trying to put together a 12 days of Christmas type thing for my guy

No ass play allowed on his side (he has a phobia of anything near or in his ass). I'll take anything in mine though (he loves anal and rimming).

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  • Which one of you plans to be the dominant one?Ropes, chains, blindfolds, gags, whips, collars, leashes, clamps, dildos, vibrators, and at least two people who know how to use them.

    • Only tool you would really need is a hand drill, they're not crazy expensive if you get a cheap one. Need some screws and some copper pipe and fittings if you're going to do it though, as well as a base to do it on (a couple sheets of plywood work).If pain isn't your thing then just some rope and other restraints I guess, let your imagination run wild and you would be surprised how much you can think up with rope.

    • I've never tried anything that hardcore (wouldn't the tools be pretty expensive? I'm trying not to spend too much on this). We're not really into pain (moreso pleasure). I'm all for being tied up and "punished" but I'd rather it not hurt (same with him. he'll tolerate a little pain but it's not really on his list of things to do)

    • Trying to exhaust your man? LOL most guys are done after one or two.If you manage to get a small group of people going how about doing a boarding school or harlem roleplay? He is the headmaster and the girls are the students (if you get enough girls you can be headmistress alongside him).The possibilities here are really endless, it just comes down to what can you pull together. Have you ever thought about really hardcore bondage like on

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  • Is it him or you that doesn't like watersports?

    • I am so totally into pee. But my girlfriend ripped off a speculum from her doctor one day..I did not ask her for that and sort of turned me off . (the theft I mean) ..was interesting to see her cervix

    • sound really cool to me.(:(:(:

    • I'll talk to him about it. I think if we tried it then it would be more of a fun thing and less of a sexual one (similar to the speculum idea previously suggested)

  • daaang other girls should takw notes

  • Try lubeing your finger and putting it in his ass during oral. It felt great when my girlfriend did that to me and made the orgasm great.

  • The best and freakiest thing to do in bed is not being in bed or the bedroom in 1st place ;) - let's begin with that and then answer after knowing from you as to what are both your dislikes in 1st place :D

    • We rarely ever do it in bed. I just used that phrase because it seemed to be the easiest to use. We frequently have public sex (he likes that very much). He doesn't like anything near or in his butt (but he's the complete opposite when it comes to me. He loves rimming me and anal). Neither one of us really like pain but I do like to be tied up and pleasured

  • Hmm... some suggestions, you could try these...Fantasy roleplayRimmingThreesomesPeggingBall gagsMouth ringsCock ringsBondageS&MErotic asphyxiation (Be VERY careful)Water sportsBath housesNipple clipsButt PlugsFloggingCuttingSensory deprivationSaline injectionsSpeculumsFeathersThat's all that come to mind, off the top of my head, if I think of anything else, I'll add to the list. How's that so far?

    • Well, for the most part, I say watch more p*rn, maybe go to a p*rn torrent site (if you use torrents) and check out the different categories to see what's out there. Other than that, I'm not sure what you consider "bland" or what. Though when it comes to trying new things, sometimes just surprising someone isn't the way to go. Sometimes you need to discuss this stuff with your partner. Try asking him what he'd like to do, or if he doesn't come up with anything, you could give him suggestions.

    • I think he will like speculums though not really in a sexual way but he'll be very interested in looking in there. He's exactly like Curious George.. the only difference between him and George is that he's not a monkey. The c*ck ring seems kinda pointless (he can last forever in bed already so if it's not giving him any pleasure then it's no use).

    • Most of the stuff that I shot down was because of him (he HATES things near or in his butt.. even the mention of it freaks him out. When we first started dating he hated me looking at his butt much less touching it). As far as cutting goes I believe in only cutting people when it's necessary (like when somebody cuts in front of you in line at Burger King, jk). I'm looking for things that will surprise him in a nice way not scare him. I want freaky ideas that are sexually pleasing to most

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  • you will not find really freaky on here. and if you could the prudes and censors would take the fun out of it. message. might be able to fill in 6 days at least.

    • toban, I appreciate your sentiment. but others will not appreciate the candid response from me. but there is no way to answer this without offending some prude. then report. which always ends up with removed. just my experience. no anger. not my thing. just find another way. hey dude. you can message if you want. later.

    • Tell you what. I promise that *I* will not delete any answer to this question, or this question itself. So long as nobody posts anything that is straight up blatant p*rnography. If it's educational, I'll leave it alone.

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