Really freaky things to do in bed?

Can I get some suggestions for freaky things to do in bed? I've searched but most of the stuff I've found is *really* bland. I'm looking for suggestions on actual kinky stuff here not just anal.

Any suggestions? I'm trying to put together a 12 days of Christmas type thing for my guy

No ass play allowed on his side (he has a phobia of anything near or in his ass). I'll take anything in mine though (he loves anal and rimming).


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  • Which one of you plans to be the dominant one?

    Ropes, chains, blindfolds, gags, whips, collars, leashes, clamps, dildos, vibrators, and at least two people who know how to use them.

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      Most of that stuff is used regularly with us (I never thought of the collars and leashes though.. those may be interesting if he complies to use them). I'm not sure if he'd feel comfortable having me on a leash although I'd be up for it. I'm looking for 2 girls to invite in (I already know one will since she has asked me to join in with her before) but I'm not sure if I know another girl who'd be open to having a foursome.

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      I've never tried anything that hardcore (wouldn't the tools be pretty expensive? I'm trying not to spend too much on this). We're not really into pain (moreso pleasure). I'm all for being tied up and "punished" but I'd rather it not hurt (same with him. he'll tolerate a little pain but it's not really on his list of things to do)

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      Only tool you would really need is a hand drill, they're not crazy expensive if you get a cheap one. Need some screws and some copper pipe and fittings if you're going to do it though, as well as a base to do it on (a couple sheets of plywood work).

      If pain isn't your thing then just some rope and other restraints I guess, let your imagination run wild and you would be surprised how much you can think up with rope.