How is this possible that so shy girl was so freaky in bed?

This girl goes with me to one class, and she isn't very takative, silent type, has good grades, wears glasses ..

I started dating her, but she seemed so shy and behaving very innocent .

But the night I had sex with her I was shocked! I would never expect her to be so freaky ! I was nearly died! and had best sex in my life !

after I gave her a ride home she kissed me and said bye in so innocent way like it wasn't her who ravaged me like crazy just hour ago!

And in school she is so polite, silent girl .. so I completely don't understand it? are all shy girls like this?


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  • Obviously you can't use the word all when describing people since everyone is unique. But I will say this. In my experience, I noticed a similar correlation between innocence and freak in bed.

    I attribute this two 2 things.

    1. Shy girls usually have more pent up sexual tension. One because they aren't exercising their sexuality, and two, due to their shyness, they rarely receiving an sexual tension as well. Guys aren't flirting with them, hooking up with them, or simple showing interest. This makes her sexually frustrated, similar to the guy who hasn't been laid in over a year. Think of it like the caged bird analogy. When you keep a bird caged up long enough, one you finally release it, it starts going nuts, flapping its wings wildly because its taking full advantage of its new found freedom.

    2. I think these shy girls tend to be a bit better in bed because they feel they have more to prove. Hot girls, or girls who get lots of male attention, have a tendency to get lazy in bed. Simply put, they are overconfident and feel that their looks alone with sell you and keep you coming back and if not, there are 5 other guys ready to take your place. They don't feel the need to try hard to work at making sure you are happy in bed because she feels she's so hot, you'll won't care. Shy girls who don't get as much male attention feel like they need to try harder to keep you happy because they are insecure. They will go to great lengths to keep you happy in and out of the bedroom for fear of you leaving them. Simply put, hot outgoing girls tend to get spoiled.

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  • That should be a clue that perception isn't everything.

    I hope this teaches you to not make assumptions about people based on what they choose to let you see. Obviously, her sexuality doesn't represent the whole of her.

    I bet she enjoyed the hell out of shocking you, hee hee.

  • No, not all are like that. Personality doesn't determine a persons sexual attitude

    Being sexual doesn't mean a person has to wear it on their sleeves and let the world know

  • Honestly I think so because I'm somewhat shy & it is possible don't let them trick you shy girls are in fact the freakist

  • What made it the best sex of your life? What made it freaky? I want to know so I can try whatever it is! Or maybe I am already and don't realize it! Haha!

  • LOL I'm one of those. I'm really shy on my normal life, but I think I am a bit too fun in bed. I found a taste for chocking and hitting, roleplaying, dirty talking. I just like it rough.

    Actually, my first time I was just awkward, but as soon as I started to really get into sex with my boyfriend, I grew fond of it :P

    Not sure if it applies to all shy girls tho.

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  • Just thank your lucky stars. Women, like men, can have sort of dual personalities. In public, I try to be the perfect, courtly gentleman. In bed, I'm a dominant, sadistic animal. Some of us just keep our sexual selves separate. Glad you had such a good time. I suspect if the two of you shared some sexual fantasies, you'd open the door to even more mind blowing sex.

  • Hahahaha.. That's what my ex thought about me, I'm aggressive and dominant in bed (but not violent) but I'm outside of bed I'm always calm, collected and thinks before I say something etc.

  • Consider yourself lucky, and never believe a stereotype again.

  • You can't judge a book by its cover.