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He couldn't get an erection?

I finally had time with alone with the guy I have a mad crush on. So, we started kissing and making out, clothes came off -- but he could not get an... Show More

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  • I've had ED before. It could be a variety of reasons:-He was nervous-He was drunk-He psyched himself out-He is on medication that causes ED as a side effectFor me it was the medication I was on at the time. When I got off the meds I had a good sex life all over again

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  • it's not you. Probably he is nervous or has a problem with erection. To me it did not happen, but there are oversensitive guys who need to hear flute to get an erection.

  • No, it was probably just an off night for him you can have a second shot and he should be fine.

  • I've never heard of a young guy having problems getting it up, other than for medical reasons. Some medications can have sexual side effects, for example pseudophedrine can make it difficult to maintain one. But unless he was super drunk, or on Claritin I don't know what to tell you.

  • ahahah he was probably nervous as hell

  • He's the problem. Don't think it's you for a second. Some guys have trouble getting it up. Most of the time, if it's a young guy, the problem is psychological. He might even be gay, who knows.Go find a new man. Or be prepared to give a lot of head.lol

  • Maybe he's infertile.And no, "being nervous" definitely is not the reason.

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  • maybe he has ED

  • I don't have experience neither do I have male genitalia, I've done some reading and my conclusion is that he could be too nervous

    • I need someone to confirm what I said is true.. hopefully someone will comment or answer your question

  • yeah its you it could be him too.its def one of the 2 of you's fault.maybe you sucked at what you were doingmaybe he's actually gaymaybe its just the 2 of you in a combination that doesn't work.maybe its just normal for a guy to not always be able to get hard.

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