First time you saw a guy ejaculate?

I'm really curious to hear about girls' first time seeing a guy ejaculate. Were you surprised? Did you like watching it come out? Were you grossed out if it got on you?

I was once a girl's first, and I started coming on her stomach. She yelped and jumped off the bed! lol

BTW, once this girl got over it, she REALLY started to like watching it. She'd lay on my stomach and give me oral, then finish me by hand so she could watch. It often ended up in her hair, lol


Most Helpful Girl

  • The opposite sex's body is always fascinating to me so of course I liked watching it come out. I guess the first time I saw it was either after giving a bj or handjob. I can't remember that far back and its only been like 7 almost 8 years haha. I've never been grossed out if it got on me, I just had a strict rule of it NOT getting on my clothes! I never wanted to explain to my mom what it was...she's not dumb lol. I've just always been open to most things...if a guy lets it go on me...he needs to clean it off of me though...its only fair!


Most Helpful Guy

  • i was once playing table tennis in my house with my sister's friend .we dared each other to shed a piece of cloth as a penalty for every dropped I got so excited with the thought of stripping in front of a girl that I kept losing the game every time on purpose until I got fully naked .first I was embarresed being nude bcos she was with another bitch who was laughing at me incessantly but then I took an excuse to go to the bathroom & masturbated until it was fully erect I came outside shook it vigorously in front of her & ejaculated cum.this time they were looking at it with full concentration & seriousness...lookin at me come they said wow!.i was so happy too