First time you saw a guy ejaculate?

I'm really curious to hear about girls' first time seeing a guy ejaculate. Were you surprised? Did you like watching it come out? Were you grossed out if it got on you?

I was once a girl's first, and I started coming on her stomach. She yelped and jumped off the bed! lol

BTW, once this girl got over it, she REALLY started to like watching it. She'd lay on my stomach and give me oral, then finish me by hand so she could watch. It often ended up in her hair, lol


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  • The opposite sex's body is always fascinating to me so of course I liked watching it come out. I guess the first time I saw it was either after giving a bj or handjob. I can't remember that far back and its only been like 7 almost 8 years haha. I've never been grossed out if it got on me, I just had a strict rule of it NOT getting on my clothes! I never wanted to explain to my mom what it was...she's not dumb lol. I've just always been open to most things...if a guy lets it go on me...he needs to clean it off of me though...its only fair!


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  • i was once playing table tennis in my house with my sister's friend .we dared each other to shed a piece of cloth as a penalty for every dropped I got so excited with the thought of stripping in front of a girl that I kept losing the game every time on purpose until I got fully naked .first I was embarresed being nude bcos she was with another bitch who was laughing at me incessantly but then I took an excuse to go to the bathroom & masturbated until it was fully erect I came outside shook it vigorously in front of her & ejaculated cum.this time they were looking at it with full concentration & seriousness...lookin at me come they said wow!.i was so happy too


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  • First time I saw a guy ejaculate, he came all over my hand, it seemed like it was spurting out, to be honest, I was more curious than I was shocked.

    It seemed normal but I wanted to know what it was made out of, why it was so thick and slippery. It felt like snot in my hands, only minus the boogies part.

    I dunno, it was new at the time.

    Then I learned I liked to eat it or have it placed on my boobs.

    • Good LORD! :) I've been lucky enough to date a few women with that mindset... ah, I love women.

    • Totally depends on what the guy eats too.

      but I swallow every time, easy clean up.

  • Not really surprised...more fascinated lol...i actually did enjoy watching it come out...and no it didn't get on me but I do find it kinda gross...

    • Damn, you girls are awesome :) One of the best feelings is laying back and looking at the girl's face when she watches me ejaculate. We guys like to think girls just love our penises!

  • haha, I was surprised cause more came out then I thought it would lol ..

    I wouldn't say liked, but it wasn't that gross.

    It got all over my shirt though, so we had to wash it and his mom came home, wondering why my clothes were in the laundry..

    • That's very cute! I love those "accidents." I was once house-sitting, and my Girlfriend came over. We made out on the couch, and she accidentally made me come all over it! We freaked out and tried to clean up, but in the end we had to flip the couch cushion over to hide it.

      were you jerking off your guy when that happened?

  • The first time I saw it was when I was fifteen and my first true love was sixteen. We were at the good old drive in movies making out in his car when things got hot and heavy. I was so curious at the time, especially about the sexiest word I know to this day, which is "ejaculation"! I let him get under my bra and I put my hand down his pants. It ended up with me giving him a hand job. He didn't want to come because of the mess, but I guess it must have felt too good because he didn't stop me! Omg! Yes, I was totally in awe when I saw that most private and sexy secretion come flying out for the first time! I love the silky texture and it doesn't gross me out at all; I loved making him feel that good, not to mention how exciting it was to make it happen!

    • Glad you liked it! Take it from me, a male, that I love to masturbate for girls. It's the best feeling in the world! I usually squirt 5-7 strong spurts of sperm and semen and the few girls I've done it for love to watch. I'd love to do it for any girls who want to watch!

  • Hmm well the first time I actually gave him a blow job so it was different from actually seeing it. But that first time I saw it, and felt it throb and actually saw him ejaculate, this made sound weird but I enjoyed it very much. The penis is such a wonderful genitalia to play with ;)

    • Yeesh, thanks for giving me a hard-on ;)

    • Anytime :)

    • So glad you admire our penises! I love to masturbate, especially for girls to watch it as it squirts. I always tell the girls I've done it for when I feel the sperm move out of my sack, travel up my penis until it reaches the end and I can't hold it back any longer. They love seeing it squirt and hearing my moans and groans as it does. I'd love to hear from girls who want me to masturbate for them!

  • I was 15 and it was my first time with my boyfriend. It wasn't a well thought out plan. I had planned to use a condom, but one thing led to another and he just put it in. After a minute he took it out. I thought he was gonna put a condom on, but he was cumming. It went all over my tummy and boobs. It wasn't gross but I wasn't expecting it to go down like that.

  • haha This is sort of a funny subject to me. I love sex, and love experimenting. I've done a lot of things sexually, but at the end of the day, I still don't like come to get on my. It grosses me out. I've seriously had guys ask me what's wrong with me, after having a crazy night of new and exciting things, but then I freak out (like "ew, get it off of me" not meanly) if the come touches me. And that's how it's been from the first time.

  • Were you surprised? Yes I was very surprised. It was my boyfriend on webcam.

    Did you like watching it come out? Were you grossed out if it got on you? I was very shocked but I liked it.

    • Ah, the internet age... ;) I hope you've at least had an in-person experience since then!

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    • Yeah, that's pretty much illegal. Any 19 year old going after a 14 year old is a sick bastard.

    • Yeah I totally agree. I didn't see this at the time, I was amazed a sexy older guy was interested :S

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  • she yelped and jumped off the bed? are you sure she wasn't part Yorkie?