How does it feel when your cherry pops?

I'm still a virgin but I would like to know. Like does it hurt really bad when it happens? Does it hurt a few times if you have sex after that? How does it feel? Does sex feel good at all the first time (or few)?


Most Helpful Guy

  • OK, since you seem to need information (some girls tell horror stories):

    My then future wife was a virgin (used tampons, same age as I was), we had made out real often, almost daily, for months, dry humping, fingering and oral, with multiple orgasms every time.

    One evening in a hotel, on weekend, we went just that little bit farther, softly, and she was not a virgin anymore. She felt a slight burning that didn't last a quarter of an hour. But then she was very wet, because of what we had done just before. She was confident. We both knew it was coming, one day or another, when everything would be 'right'.

    No drama.

    No planned "this-evening-she's-gonna-lose-her-virginity". No fear.

    No pain. Not really better or worse than the days and weeks/months before. Just good.

    Just that one little thing more. We continued as we had started: with LOVE.

    That love is still very present.

    Just do it with the good guy.