Can I end placebo pills early?

Like only take them for four days and then start my new pack of birth control? Or would that mess up my next cycle?


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  • Umm, I'm not sure where these people are getting their information, but I would not suggest doing that. You will end up screwing up your cycle if you keep skipping the placebos.

    Why? the placebos are what give you your period. You period is your body essentially cleaning out your uterus etc. You NEED that function. The longer you intentionally miss your period, the more issues you can have. It messes with your hormones, and your health, and can make you physically ill. (nauseous, etc.)

    I know this from health knowledge AND experience!

    • You CAN however, skip the placebos, as long as you still wait the amount of time you'd be taking them before starting your new pack. If that makes sense.

What Guys Said 4

  • Not really. Just take your new pack of birth control.

    Placebo pills doesn't have any effects on your cycle. You're good to go.

    • Can't pick up my new pack until four days into placebos. Plus not taking them can mess up your cycle, actually. It depends on your body.

  • I understand the placebo pills are there so you don't forget to take a pill everyday or forget if it's been 3, 4 or 5 days. When you start your new pack.

  • From what I understand, skip the placebo pills if you don't want a cycle at all

    • I wish. I don't know if that'd work with my body, and I can't pick up my new pack before I start my placebos

    • Yeah my lady would skip her placebo's for a month or so, and pick a time to have a cycle just to be safe.

  • what did the doctor say?


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  • You can skip your period altogether if you really want to. I've done it plenty of times it doesn't really do anything to affect your next cycle. I usually don't even take the placebo ones I just wait for my period to be over (which is like 3-4 days) and then start my new ones.

  • You don't actually have to take the placebos since they don't do anything. If you have 4 then just don't take anything for 4 days and start your new pack. If you are trying to skip your cycle all together, you can just start your new pack but I would not suggest doing this for a long time.

  • You mean the white pills that are in the pack? I never took those ide just wait the four days and then start my new pack, those are just in there to keep you on track they do nothing.