Do women get offended by a guys bulge? Should he not wear revealing clothes?

Women show cleavage of their breasts. Is it fair for a guy to show his bulge, such as if he is wearing a speedo? Now I know women do not like speedos, just using that as an example only. Some men might do this to pick up a woman and for sex.


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  • We don't like to be caught looking , but we will look. Just like if you have a nice ass we will look.

    That said, to tight of clothing on men or women just does not do it for me, but that's just my personal preference. I know some guys could not hide the bulge if they tried and they don't try lol. So it's a distraction just like a pair of firm breast spilling out of a shirt would be a distraction for you.


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  • I have this prob w/my bf. He takes his board shorts off to tan in his speedos (which I hate) and then loves the attention he gets in his speedos.

    granted, he has a great bod, but his bulge looks obscenely huge in the speedos and I hate it when other girls are staring.

    i guess its a double standard, but I don't want my man flaunting his big package.

    • Do you actually see women starring?

  • "Now I know women do not like speedos..." Whoa whoa WHOA. Not all women are prudish speedo-haters. I personally LOVE them. Therefore, I love looking at bulges. Not all women are the same. Me, for example. People say that women aren't visually stimulated but I'm a girl and I love looking.

  • Ya I look I like it. But if it's my boyfriend showing his it bothers me. I really don't know why I think it's because more of it's mine and no one needs to see all of that. But me.

  • I think its hot! If I'm in a bar or something and a guy walks by a few times I always look to see is he has a bulge or not. Lol I don't know why I just do.

  • Personal I like seeing a guy with a bulge


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  • I used to assume that they do get offended. But then I learned that the large majority of them are flattered by it.

  • I seemed to have an erection more often than not in high school. To avoid embarassment I would try to hide it with books or by placing my hand in my pocket and pulling it to the side. I think this agressive pulling to the side damaged my penis to the point of peyroine's disease (curved penis).

    Yes, erections in public are embarassing, but I wish they were viewed as something natural not to be feared on embarassed by. I liken it to a woman's breasts that it can be covered up but should not be suppressed to never show.

    I think our north American society has a fear or an aversion to the male form -- women can wear form fitting clothing but men cannot.

  • I prefer wearing a "speedo" swimming suit over a trunk style for the following reasons:

    1) I chafe easily and speedos do not chafe as much

    2) I get cold easy with low body fat so speedos do not retain as much water and make me as cold

    3) I can move so much more easily in and outside of the water because speedos drag far less water and air

    I think it is an unfair double standard for people to be comfortable with form fitting swimwear for women but not men. It is not uncommon for me to see the outline of nipples and labia in women's swimwear; what is the adversion to the male form?

  • I've actually been wondering that. I tend to always have a bulge. Even wen I'm not wearing form fitting pants and all my friends notice guys and girls lol. My 2 guy friends think its funny or so they say but my friends that are girls just make jokes. Like my one friend she always says it must b big and she tells other girls I'm packing. Lol trust me I'm not complaining but I have often wondered if there was any truth behind what the girls say and if the liked seeing it