Does a virgin need a pap smear?

I have Kaiser insurance and they sent me in the mail that I need a pap smear.

WELLLL... I am really shy. I don't want anyone doing anything "down there."

Would I need a pap smear test being a virgin?


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  • "If you're a virgin — meaning you haven't had sexual (vaginal) intercourse — you probably don't need a Pap smear. And even if you do have a Pap smear, it will not cause you to lose your virginity. Although the instruments used to collect the cervical cells may stretch or even tear your hymen — the thin tissue covering the vaginal opening, which is present in some women who've never had sex — you will only lose your virginity when you have sexual intercourse.

    The purpose of a Pap smear is to collect cells from your cervix, which is the lower end of your uterus. The cells collected in a Pap smear can detect if you have cervical cancer or suspicious cells that indicate you may develop cervical cancer.

    In most cases, cervical cancer is caused by a sexually transmitted infection called human papillomavirus (HPV). If you've never had any type of sexual intercourse, you're unlikely to have HPV. However, there are other risk factors for developing cervical cancer, such as family history and smoking, so talk to your doctor if you have concerns.

    For effective cervical cancer screening, the American Cancer Society recommends that all women have an initial Pap smear by the age of 21, regardless of whether or not they've had sexual intercourse, or after they've been sexually active for three years, whichever comes first. The American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists recommends that women begin having Pap smears at age 21, regardless of when they become sexually active." -Mayo Clinic


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  • I worked next to a triage nurse at an OB/GYN and from what I remember overhearing was that women should have their first PAP test no later than their early twenties, 21, I think, even if they never had sexual intercourse.

  • that does seem embarassing to get lol


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  • I'm not sure how insurance works in the USA, but I am surprised that they would ask this of you. Is it REQUIRED that you get a pap spear to qualify for coverage? This seems strange.

    You aren't supposed to get a pap smear until you've become sexually active, so you shouldn't be getting one now. But if the company insists, go to your doctor and talk about alternatives. If they just need proof that you don't have STDs, I'm sure they could come up with a similar test to find this out, and include a note for your insurace company. Bring the note to the doctor's office so they know why. Good luck!

    • No it isn't required for insurance. They sent a letter in the mail after I turned 21 that it was time for me to get a pap smear. But I really think that it would traumatize me.

      I haven't done oral ever either.

      But thank you.. I am glad to know that I don't need it.

      I'm kind of shy to go into the doctor's for all of that.

      And tell them my personal business.

    • Then you don't need one until you start having sex. When you do, go in for an appointment. Trust me, it isn't as invasive as it sounds. Good luck!

  • Can you ask them to explain how you would get a pap swear if there is no way to actually swear inside your vagina while the hymen aka the piece of skin in there is still there? just to let you know unless you want your cherry popped by the claw leaver, your not supposed to get it checked till you've actually had sex, how can they ask you of that?.

  • I'm a virgin and my doctor is making me get a pap smear when I turn 21. She already tried once already, since I got put on birth control (to regulate my period), but I had a yeast infection which made it hurt like HECK. Lol she put the speculum in and I was in too much pain for her to even try to open it.

    Most women I've asked say that getting a pap smear shouldn't be painful. I'm sure when I try again, it won't be so bad.

    Interesting fact! My doctor said that yeast builds up when you don't, er, put anything UP THERE. So she told me to start using tampons and "maybe get a boyfriend." Lol, my doctor's so funny. :)

  • Well the professionals urge you to have one by 21 or whenever you become active. I started at 18 before I lost my virginity. My cousin got cervical cancer at 13 BEFORE she ever had sex. Had to have a hysterctomy at 23 because it kept coming back. It's not common, but not uncommon. There are over 100 types of HPV with at least 4 occurring naturally in your body. I think it's something like 96% of women have had an HPV occurance from the naturally occuring or from sex by age 16. I like to think that as unfun as it is I would rather deal with a few moments of uncomfortableness than lose my ability to have children/die at a young age.

  • If they say you need it, you need it. They can't tell for sure if you're a virgin and even if they could it's supposed to help diagnose cancer early, so nothing to do with a virgin or not

    • just read some other comments, if they don't require it and won't penalise you if you don't do it, obviously there is no reason you would need to go if you don't want to, een though it is highly recommended.

      Just tell your doctor your nervous about and that you're still a virgin. They get tons of girls like that. They'll be extra gentle and will use gadget for kids so it won't hurt or be physically uncomfortable

    • That gadget for kids sounds good !

      Thank you !

    • ya well I got it when I was I don't know 15 or something, because my mom is a nurse and she is super paronaid about stuff like that.

      I was a virgin too and it really doesn't hurt or anything, sure it's a bit awkward but after less than a minute you can dressed again.

      The thing with health insurance is, that if they suggest you do and you don't and then later you end up having cancer they will not pay the bills because it could have beend diagnosed earlier

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