GIRLS!!! How many times a week do you masterbate?!

It seems like so many girls are so hush hush about this topic and I'm so curious how many girls do it and how often?!?!

I personally do it @ 5-7 times a week, sometimes less sometimes more.


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  • 14 times

    • A week?!?! Yay for you, that's awesome!

    • Yeah. I do it twice a day

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  • I am not a girl, but I still feel like answering. I do it 1-2 times a week. I am rarely along at home, so I don't get many chances to do it. It's been like this for a while, and I'm used to it. 1-2 times a week is enough for me.

  • I am happy to see this question. I think this shows the lie that women's sex drive is not as high as men. I reckon that women have at least as high a sex drive as men > men do not masturbate on average as many times as the women have answered on here (probably on average 4-10 times per week for most guys I would say).

    • I gotta say I am surprised by how many times the girls are saying! Like the majority of my girlfriends aren't this horny/ they don't have sex with their husbands but like once a week...idk they say they just aren't that yea I'm surprised!

  • Great question..I bet time of month has something to do with frequency

    • It totally does for me! Like when I'm ovulating, before I'm ovul, before & during my period

    • I Know I am right..most women will not masturbate during menstruation or not as much..however orgasms help with cramps

  • I jerked off on my campus parking lot today. I think I crossed a line, I dunno.

    • Lol, don't they call that public indecency ?!?!?

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    • Oh yea! That's totally fine lol! I've done it in the car too, dressing rooms, public bathrooms, I don't know it makes it exciting lol

    • I gotta say though, I am not a huge fan of doing it public. It was nerve-racking trying to make sure no one saw me that it ruined the finale. I was just really horny at the time and had to take care of business.

  • I don't masturbate n waste my time n energy.

  • Ive done it at work before. Hehe was pretty hot. The thought of almost getting caught made me come more.

    • Yea there's something about the possibility of getting caught lol love it!

    • Haha good stuff. Makes me wanna try it again some day. Friend me :)

  • I'm with my friends, tells me the girls. therefore, there are many girls who are willing to get their mouths around me so I do not need it

  • add me . i have somthing for you

  • Not a girl, not who you want answering, but 6-12 times a week.

  • Ya back in high school I sometimes had to go to the bathroom during class to jack off

  • ;)

  • I'm not a girl, but I do a lot.

    • I figure most guys do!

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  • at least once a day

  • Probably about 10 - 15 times a week. Just depends on the week and what all is going on that week. My boyfriend has a very healthy appetite for sex, so I am pretty satisfied. Just giving him an after work blow job will satisfy me sometimes.

  • I do it whenever I get the urge.
    It can vary depending on the week and what is going on in it.
    If I'm pressured with work and life, I often loose the interest.

    Lately, I have been doing it more often for various reasons.
    Maybe a few times a day on occasion, skip a day, then do it again.
    Mix that in with sex and play, and I have had a much more active kitty lately. ;) meow!

  • Normally anywhere from 4--14 times a week...just depends---there are times I might skip a couple or few days, then others I might do it 3x in one day.

  • i guess I average a couple times a day? so maybe like 7 to 14 times a week? just depends. sometimes more. sometimes less.

  • Sometimes every day, but sometimes not for 3 days, even more.
    I guess it depends on my mood.

  • I do it about 8-10 times a week, sometimes less

  • At least once a day :P

  • If my husband isn't around to satisfy my sexual urges, then I will masterbate, about 8-10 times a week, more when I'm on my period, it helps with cramps.

  • I do it about the same as @Jsvrgn

  • I usually do it a couple of times a day and I try to have sex with my boyfriend everyday as well. It's healthy to masturbate and makes your sex life a lot better, plus you're not relying on a man to give you happiness.

  • I used to do it every single day but not anymore. I don't know why really but maybe it's because I sometimes felt ashamed about it and I just didn't like feeling like that. I would honestly just rather have sex anyway.

  • I would say 3-4 times a week.

  • I did it once, but not anymore.

    • How is that funny? WTF

    • Really? Why is that? Didn't you like it, do you feel guilty about it or something else? I used to worry I was abnormal, but I realised I enjoy it, it makes me feel good & worry about what other people think is only having a negative impact on me. When I first 'freed' myself from caring what other people thought I went crazy doing it, but it settled down to a reasonable pattern in about 2 months.
      My BF is overseas for 6 months and I am doing it more now than when he was here, but not much - he liked watching me do it, & I liked watching him do it too. Masturbation & sexual intercourse are only linked by the fact they are sexual acts, they are not mutually exclusive in my view.
      Yes, there is a variance in frequency across the month & I notice there is a variance in what I use & how I use it too. In the end, it is hurting nobody by me - if there is any 'hurt' of any sort involved & I don't think there is, so I don't see a problem.
      I am definitely more socially confident now, so thats a +

  • Honestly i usually do it 6 times a day but sometimes if im really horny ill do it like 12 times in a day

  • Two to three times a day at weekends and once or twice a day during the week.

  • I do it few times a day up to four but I don't always do it everyday so it varies.

  • i would say 3-5

  • i used to do it a couple times a day, but after I had sex I just can't do it! I try but I lose my orgasm and lose interest and give up! its frustrating getting bored with something that feels so good! :/

    • Omg I can relate! Some days I can't quit thinking about my ex and it's like my parts are broke lol, but some days I am able to think of other things!

    • Interesting way to put it...when I did masturbate it was probably 3-8 times a day