What do men like in bed?? not suitable for kids under 18 years old....

i want to know everything from kissing to hard core pounding! and everything in between...do you like it when a girl touches herself? do you like to GIVE oral? should we be rough and bring out the whips or let you tie us up? anything you like and why... :)


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  • I kinda like everything...

    Kissing is good...

    Touching me and herself is good...

    Oral both ways is good... giving and receiving...

    Some days I would like to tie her up...

    Some days I would like the whips and chains

    All depends on the mood. Sometimes soft and sensual is good, sometimes hard and fast is good.


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  • I think people should experiment all they want with each other..but I'm against props and such.

    I used to have fantasies about whips and the like until I got a real spanking from a woman. (No whips or props.) Boy did that cure me of thinking there was anything erotic about it!

  • I like to be the one in control, no kinky stuff but just playing with her body, picking her up, holding her round the waist, switching up positions...when she lets me do her like this I like it

  • Men,thought point was to destroy the girl,I'm not fussy like everything,but best have a girl total mess,always turns me on,make her come over and over,that's the fun

  • if you did any of that to me I would probably blow my load all over your t*ts

  • i will start with a tight spanking and end with a rough sex which includes everything you can think and more than that...

  • I like giving a girl oral, I don't really feel the whole 'Im touching myself thing', spontaneous sex is the best, rough at the start, or soft from the beginning depends on the mood... My fav is to start with some kissin, touchin, grinding, oral, then the best part. Just my humble opinon.

  • A girl touching herself doesn't do a lot for me. I love giving a girl oral even more than I like receiving. Tying her up or being tied up are both nice depending on the mood I'm in. Combining both would be hot too... either going down on her while she's tied up or having her sit on my face and make me eat her out while she has me tied up.


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