What are fun sexual things to do with a girl?

I'm a virgin right now but when I get a girl friend I want to know fun things we can do.


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  • Do you want to remain a virgin? How far are you and her willing to go?

    My girl and I still get really riled up from dry-humping... before we go further. Of course, there are a lot more things you can do without engaging in intercourse. I mean... you should know...

    • It does not have to be sex just sexual, like playful stuff is good too.

    • Tickling, massages, playing with her hair are all pretty intimate but not really sex. They can often lead to sex though (obviously much more likely after losing your virginity).

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  • Just ask her and see what she might like.

    • Well there is no girl now I just want to be prepared from when I'm in a relationship

  • whatever you and her want to try

    • I don't know what there is to try though.

    • Use your imagination. There are lots of things to try

  • 69, massages, fingering, ear tonguing, nipple sucking, neck biting.

    • Do girls like that

    • I can't speak for all girls but I do.

    • They sound fun to wish I had a gf

What Guys Said 4

  • A website called "Cosmopolitan" has some great information on that, and many other thingz. Highly recommend you browse around there.

    • Isn't that a women's magazine

  • putting your penis in their vagina is pretty fun

  • I tell girls that I am a magician. Magic sex is when we have sex and then after they disappear.