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Do guys like being straddled in the face or where else?

Where is a nice place to straddle a guy? in his face? on his balls? on his legs? where?

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  • i prefer my face I like it a lot but wherever is hot haha my girl friend straddles my leg while giving me a hj and grinds its pretty sexy

What Guys Said 11

  • Everywhere you can think of

  • yeah...I like it if she straddles my waist or my face, either one works

  • I like the face because it allows me to have fun with my tongue and her clit!

  • Yes I like it.

    Why, its hot!

    Half naked... lingere... yumm

  • What do you think?

  • I love it when a lady straddles my face so her vulva is on my mouth, so she has more control as I kiss and suck her clit. If she has an orgasm in that position, either before or after coitus, it really makes me feel loved! Her being on top, in the control position, during cunnilingus really turns me on, and makes me feel like she needs and wants me. To me it's just about the ultimate form of affection a woman can show me. Unfortunately it seems some women are shy about this, but I've had a couple of girlfriends who either especially liked cumming while straddling my face or at least humored me. Straddling my thigh when we kiss is very sexy too, and of course straddling my loins is very inviting, but if you really love me, show me by often straddling my face until you have a big orgasm!

  • All of those are nice. I think when a girl straddles you, especially your face, it shows a lot of confidence. It seems like women are more self conscious about what's in between their legs than men are, and are really hesitant to do that. I think it's hot!

  • I suppose it's ok, yes.
    It's better if she holds your beer for you as well.

  • on his face...and legs..and...well..you know...

  • my fantasy is a girl to straddle my face oh yeah

What Girls Said 6

  • Unless he is gay hun I am pretty sure they like it.

  • I'm pretty sure most guys like it. Even if you're not wearing the lingerie. When my boyfriend and I are making out he'll pull me on top of him so I'm straddling him. That isn't something you would expect from a guy like him...

    • My boyfriend does it too. hmmm....we must be figuring something out here.

  • duh hahaha why wouldn't a guy like that

  • my boyfriend is very respectful of me but when we make out he can't help but pull me onto him and he gets a boner in seconds lol and I'm fully clothed no need for lingerie ;)

  • All of the above, but mainly his face or hips

  • All 3. My boyfriend recently asked me to straddle his face so he could lick me "til he couldn't breathe". He's been incarcerated for 4 months and he's got 4 to go; by the time he comes home there's no way I'll last "until he can't breathe"!!!

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