Is it harder to eat out a chick with innie labia?

Guys simple question is it harder or more work to eat out a chick with innie labia? I've heard since you have to spread her to get to her clitoral hood and clit and vaginal opening that it is! I've also heard its harder to eat out a plus size women...which I don't get because as long as her tummy isn't blocking her puss how is it different? Girls if your an innie has your boyfriend or man ever said anything?


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  • I've never had an issue with it. I have my technique pretty down because it's honestly one of my favorite things in bed. I usually go at it from the woman's side, pull the hood up with my left hand and tongue her clit gently. I use my right hand to both finger her and keep one finger on her perineum (involuntary muscle contractions beneath the perineum tell me I'm doing the right things without having to ask). I've been with larger women and it was never an issue.


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  • I wish I knew. lol. I never had a girlfriend with an innie. I guess outies are more common...

  • BBW usually mean large thick thighs. stomach hanging down - thighs pushing in from the sides. how about this, is it easier to go down on (or have sex with) a thin guy or a guy that if he was a female could be considered BBW?

    I have been with both, like them about the same. I like to get into performing oral. The wetter and sloppier the better, who cares if I have to work for it.

    • Well I most definitely don't have a stomach that hangs down at all and my thighs are slightly thicker than a skinny chick but not pushing any where near my labia.

  • I've been with quite a few girls in my day and majority have been innies. For some reason this site is under the impression that innies aren't the norm, and in all of my conquests (both domestic and abroad) I have found the innie to be the most common. I haven't been with any fat chicks ever but I wouldn't mind giving it to a heavy hotty at some point.

    • well ill admit I'm a plus size virgin...never had anything sexual done to me and when I read I could be the most difficult type for a man to go down on it worried me. I'm not huge by ANY means but that's why I asked this question.

    • Just love yourself and be confident and that will do you wonders. All girls have clits regardless if they're innies or outies and anyone with a good tongue can make someone orgasm.

    • lol totally and I'm confident about who I am and get hit on a lot I just wasn't ready to give it up yet but I am now...I just don't want to be that girl who they feel is too much work.

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  • I'm a bigger girl too but even when I was super skinny guys always spread "it" because they like to see it and suck on "it" and such! And I don't have a big tummy but I can't imagine it would ever be in the way! Have fun and enjoy yourself, be confident and rock whatever it is you have! Confidence really is sexy and there are so many guys who love bigger girls. Good luck, you will love it! Lol!

  • I'm an innie and I'm "plus sized" and I've never had any complaints, haha. I guess if there's more fat in the labia majora, there's literally more cushion, but spreading the labia is not that hard and I personally think it feels better when they're spread anyway. If you're eating someone out and complain that that makes it harder, you must not be working that hard to begin with XD juuust my two cents

    • yeah! Really there is just more fat on the top or mound but my lips are not any puffier than girls I see in p*rn lol haha