Guys : do you have extremely hairy body ?

Do you have average hairy body or an extremely hairy body?Do you ake fun /tease /feel sorry for extreme hairy men?


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  • I admire hairy's kind of sexy c:

    • For your kind information ma'am here we are talking about extreme hairy full body sweater grizzly look. Do you admire even that? Hah.

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  • Why would I feel sorry for a really hairy guy? There are so many things a guy can do about it these days. If he thinks he is going to get teased for it he does not need to tell anyone that he takes care of it.

  • Hairy guys are okay, we're all different. It would suck to be a guy who has to shave everywhere because their lover didn't like it, it's just how their body is.

    • yeah it would suck..really

  • I like hairy guys. I used to have a hairy ass. And tummy. And back. But my dad got me laser treatments for graduation.

    • Yes. And that picture.

    • Sorry don't kick me, lol, what I described was in the gorilla category?

    • I don't mind hair. But it doesn't need to look like a gorilla.

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  • I hate hairy guys.

    • Nice chatting with you ma'am...enjoy wishes :=)

    • Agreed, Appreciation is most important.

    • Nah, at least I would NEVER ask a girl to change anything or start doing something for me..and I would not just accept it , I would appreciate everything about her the way she is. Would a girl be appreciate me? Or merely put up with it?

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  • I don't like like hairy guys

    • Good...even I don't like

  • I have average hairy body, but I shave or use a hair remover cream. I kinda dislike guys with hairy bodies because it makes them seem unclean, but only the ones with hair on their backs, chest or a lot of hair in their armpits. I know guys think it is kinda weird if they shave or was or whatever but if they trim their body hair down it is ok.

  • c'mon! men are supposed to be hairy! I think chest hair is sexy and it means your with a manly man ;)

    • C'mon, I am talking about EXTREME hairiness :-)

  • Just remove it. Girls do. We barely complain. Turns most guys off to have a hairy girl. Turns me off to have a hairy guy. Just preference.

    • It is guys who can't tolerate her "peach fuzz." Its guys that make us self conscious about it. honestly.

    • Come on!a girl removes hair from chest/back? Maybe she has a bit of fuzz which she personally hates, as the case is girls can't even tolerate slight peach fuzz..they want to be like plastic.

    • My friend has to remove it from her chest, face, legs, arms privates, underarms, and some of her back. Not to mention her toes and a bit on top of her food...pretty her whole body...go it?

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  • I don't tease guys for being hairy it's natural for them. But I think I might get teased for being hairy. I try to remove it but even the laser therapy doesn't work. :(

  • I don't make fun, or tease hairy guys. However, there are ways to remove hair if the guy isn't happy with it.

  • my boyfriend isn't hairy by nature thankfully. Hairy for me is a turn off

    • I prefer very very little to no hair at all

    • Do you accept average hairy ?or you want total smooth bodied?

    • haha nah you have no clue how much I hate hair on a man lol

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  • My legs tend to get real hairy. The rest of me won't. It's kind of a weird imbalance. D;

  • Not at all. I got enough hair on my chest and legs and arms, and none on my back, so I don't have a sweater of my own hair. I don't really feel bad for really hairy guys. It's their choice to keep their hair that way. Also, it's really not so bad to have that much hair. I can usually respect a guy who is burly.

    • I've got friends who are hairier than I am. If he's my friend, of course I'd be seen on a beach with him, as long as he's cool with it.

    • Would you be OK to be associated with a sweater hairy guy? If you had to take him with you and your girlfriend to beach etc would you take him all natural?

  • There's no reason to make fun or feel sorry for them really because these days being hairy is a choice. I have to keep my face clean shaved for my job at the fire department and I wax everything except my legs. I don't really have a reason for not doing my legs other than I don't want smooth legs lol. But I'm not a very hairy person anyways lol. I haven't found a girl that I've been with yet that hasn't liked my smooth playground if you know what I mean haha.

  • i have avg hairy bodyno I dnt make fun/tease/feel sorry of hairy men...i dnt find any thing wrong with that...its normal and its good in many ways...hairy men are just like any other men and let me tell you there are so many girls who love hairy men... link

    • Hairy guy is a human being ,if he has good virtues and good character every1 will like him..yes there are some people in our society which will make fun of him or tease him but we all get tease for some or the other shortcomings...and as you say a bit less than that so its all right ...and if someone wants to fix it they can do it there's not much to worry abt

    • A bit less than that...what do you think? Would you mind being friend and roaming around girls with extreme hairy guy?

    • There are several techniques for removing body hair. The easiest is shaving, using either a razor or clippers. At a salon, they can get a waxing. But these solutions are temporary. If someone want hair gone for good, they need either electrolysis or laser removal.Not a big issue

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