Ways men manipulate women

Hey you guys,

What are the ways guys manipulate women, for example to try and get sex from her?


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  • Lie to them. Tell them the sort of crap they long to hear.

    • How does a guy manipulate a woman using money?

    • By giving her the impression that if she is with him, he will either give her cash, or more likely, buy her things.

      He never actually does though.

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  • An easy tactic is to keep the woman talking until she feels close to the guy. One mistake women make is ignoring the other person and just keep rambling on and on. As this happens the woman feels close to a guy she doesn't even know which makes it easier for the guy to have sex with her because she basically rambled her way into falling for some guy she never bothered to get to know. She feels like he understands her while he basically nodded his way into getting down her pants.

  • Destroying their self-esteem is a very common tactic

    Treating her like complete crap so she will fall into depression and gonna think she's not good for anyone so she 'should' be happy with -whatever she gets-

    • That's more how guys trick girls into staying in a relationship with them when they're an a**hole. I don't think that would work for a new guy just looking for sex.

    • @konnour you are so right

  • Some guys try in almost any way imaginable.

    Generally speaking guys who know what they're doing do almost the complete opposite of guys who don't. There is also a massive grey area between 'manipulating women for sex' and 'trying to turn women on and be attractive' and 'trying to be a good boyfriend who she will then want to have sex with'.

  • Seems like most of them give it away now. Not much manipulation needed anymore. That's just the kind of quality is out there.


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  • From a woman's point! I think they say more then they feel to make sure, they get what they want. And most often they think always to have sex. And if they are in a relationship, they might not be crazy about the woman and as committed as she is, but stays there, so he doesn't have to battle to have sex regularly.

  • Lying is the biggest way. Saying he loves her when he doesn't, excessive flattery, playing games, etc. In more malicious cases they might ply you with alcohol or slip something in your drink.