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Girlfriend caught me masterbating!!

So my girlfriend caught me masturbating at extreme speeds her facial expression was priceless... My face was bright red and I was so concentrated... Show More

:o Sorry guys it was fake, but it was posted on yahoo answers by another person and I wanted to address it here because of how hilarious it was.

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  • All I can offer is the popular GaG advice: "Break-up with her".

    • LOLOL!

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  • Maybe you will get the real thing now perhaps that is what she meant

    With she won't give you head

  • I don't believe this crap at all.

  • This seems fake. If your girlfriend was round and you were in the mood why would you run off to hide and jerk it over a picture of her. She's in the damn building why not see if you two could do anything?

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