Girls, does the "Harlem Struggle" turn you on?

in case you don't know what "the harlem struggle" is (harlem struggle = ultimate domination):

In 69 position the girl deep throats the man's penis. Upon the lips reaching the base of the penis for full insertion into the girl's mouth, a leg lock is made over the neck of the girl and the legs are squeezed. A struggle will ensue as the girl is now choking and choking on the penis. Keep the legs locked.

use google, type in: "harlem struggle efukt" (and watch the video)


Most Helpful Girl

  • thats new.. I swear the internet is getting weirder by the day.. as if harlem shake and salamander man wasn't weird enough o_o

    im not gonna watch the vid because of what everyone said, I don't wanna throw up, to everyone about to watch that vid... link

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      lol the rant last night was deleted, ahaha

      seems my post was also heavily modified, probably for the best