Is virginity more important to girls or guys?

loads of girls I know think its too important to waste so go celibate but like almost all the guys wanna lose it ASAP

to me I wanted my 1st time to be with someone that really cared about me and loved me. I wanted it to be more about the romance that the sex, I may sound like a big poof but it meant quite a lot to me =L

so what's a girls and guys view on it so I can see the difference on how much it means to each sex


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  • i personally think its more important for girls generally because of the way women experience sex differently from men... men are going into someone else so in a way they are not necessarily as open and vulnerable as a woman who open up and let someone into them

    i have decided to wait until marriage because I only want to have sex with the person I love.

    some people will say that they love someone even though they are not married and of course that's true but when you get married you are making a promise in front of God that you will always and forever love each other, and I think that is worth waiting for before having sex (it shows true love)

    i don't think of marriage as something I commit to but can later get rid of... I take marriage very seriously - I intend to get married once to the man I love

    when I do get married it will be after a couple of years of dating because I want to be sure that I've met the man I'm supposed to be with so that I won't get a divorce

    marriage is sacred to me and so is giving my husband my virginity on my wedding night

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  • For girls it is rigorously emphasized from birth the keep those legs closed until you say, "I do." But I think for many American males raised in a religious household - they are told to wait until marriage as well. But I don't think it's pounded into their heads like it is for girls, and not for the same reasons as girls are expected to remain pure. The threat of being labeled as "spoiled goods" also plays a role in keeping girls out of the sack. It's very important to some women how they are viewed and accepted by their peers.

    But looking at the websites for virginity pledges shows just as many boys vowing to keep chaste as girls. (Not that it works ...)

    Looking back, I don't think that if I lost my virginity to Prince Charming instead of Mr. Jackass, it would have been any more special than the first time I made love to my husband as his wife. That was a fantastic night ...*sigh*

    My virginity was never really a big deal to me when I was still a virgin or even after. I think I was ready to be sexually active at 15, but got my first kick at the cat at 19. It took that long to find a willing partner I was attracted to. My only regret was that the guy was such a jerk - I was disappointed in my taste in men at the time, lol.

    I feel it's a personal thing - how important it is and what circumstances you want to lose it under - but because of the different standards that women are held to compared to men, it is more important for women to remain virgins than guys.

  • Well personally I'm not in a huge hurry to lose it. I don't care when I do as long as its to someone very special who I love. I don't see sex as a huge deal. A lot of girls say they don't want the relationship to be all about sex, but me and my boyfriend do things all the time when we are together and I don't think that means its all about sex. I just think doing sexual things brings you closer together and that its important in a good relationship. Me and my boyfriend have a close bond because we are comfortable enough to do things with each other. I'm still a virgin and he is too. I think having your first time with someone who is having theirs as well would be just as special if not more than say losing your virginity on your wedding night to someone who wasnt a virgin. The wedding night will be special no matter what and if he is in love with you enough to marry you and want to spend the rest of his life with you then chances are he will love you just as much if you are or are not a virgin. Sex can be such a special thing between two people that it doesn't really matter if you are a virgin on your wedding night or not. I think the most important thing is is that you still see it as something special and not just sex.

  • when you get married you'd want your wife to be tight right? you'd want to be the first one in her life. The guy you lose you're virginity to, is someone a girl NEVER forgets.

    a girl's virginity is soo important, who she gives it to should be someone special. A girl can lose a lot of respect, Be labeled "easy" or "slut",etc. Plus a relationship has more meaning to a girl if it's not about sex.

    I don't think you sound like a big poof, but in my opinion guys are just expected to lose it to less respectable girls and get practice. and I don't think there's an overall gender view on this I think its just personal.

    • Wrong. I don't care if I'm the first guy in her life. Good thing, too, at my age--but I felt the same at 20.

      And I never met one that wasn't tight.

  • either because if you're emotionally attached to it, then virginity is important. for a girl, like me, virginity is important because like it's something you want to give to a guy who cares and will be there for me, not some loser. seriously, if I could rewind my life, I wouldn't have been with some guy who abused me and I wouldn't have been in a horrible situation. I'm Christian and to me, I think it's important to keep it for marriage if you can. because some people have no respect for it and you just have to be careful these days. I went through like a year and half of counselling and all that crap. definitely definitely definitely save it if you don't know, when you meet that special girl that you know is the one for you, then you'll be more mature and ready. guys do remember their first, in general. likewise, I will remember my first but I hate him. guys and girls are people , and so it's the same, I think, it just differs if you're more emotionally attached to things or less. some people don't care, but I do. I am definitely the type that is sentimental, so yeah

  • Even aside from the religious debate about abstinence, society holds young men and women to such different standards. Women are told they can be just as aggressive as men, but if they sleep around like men, people begin hurling insults. Personally I waited until I was 20, and experienced sex with someone who loved me, and was in a committed relationship with. But for men, if they are sexually active with multiple women, they are just "sowing their wild oats."

    It makes me sad to see so many young (high school through mid 20's) men and women who treat sex like any daily activity. And unfortunately, women forget the dangers of not only an unplanned pregnancy, but STD's as well. For some STD'S men are carriers, but may never show any symptoms. This is not the case for women.

    The stakes are high for men and women, but an unwanted pregnancy at an early age usually is the end of her potential college plans or dream career (I'm not saying it has to be, but seeing classmates and friends go through this, it is usually the case)

    Even if you don't wait for marriage, sex is something to cherish, and treat with great care and caution.

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  • I think you have to do what's best for you and evaluate how much of a role society plays on you. I wanted the first time to be special, but honestly, it weighed down on me. There was a hurriedness I felt to just get out and do it. I also bought into the culture that I should be having sex with tons of girls and figured I'd get around to it after that first special girl. I ended up waiting until I was 24 and apparently found someone a little too special because now we have a rather serious relationship.

    I think certain guys are jerks and want to have sex with everyone, and other guys think that that's what they want because we have a sex-crazed society. I realized I'm too relationship-oriented to just go around having sex randomly. There are probably more guys like this than you think, many are just shy.

  • a girl that's a virgin is seen as a sweet innocent girl. a guy that's a virgin depending on age of course, is seen as can't get laid

  • Virginity is important to both guys & girls.

  • girls of course , I mean I don't think it would make any different for me , and its physically ,emotionally and mm by anatomy ,different for girls

  • Girls. Hands down

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