Is virginity more important to girls or guys?

loads of girls I know think its too important to waste so go celibate but like almost all the guys wanna lose it ASAP

to me I wanted my 1st time to be with someone that really cared about me and loved me. I wanted it to be more about the romance that the sex, I may sound like a big poof but it meant quite a lot to me =L

so what's a girls and guys view on it so I can see the difference on how much it means to each sex


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  • i personally think its more important for girls generally because of the way women experience sex differently from men... men are going into someone else so in a way they are not necessarily as open and vulnerable as a woman who open up and let someone into them

    i have decided to wait until marriage because I only want to have sex with the person I love.

    some people will say that they love someone even though they are not married and of course that's true but when you get married you are making a promise in front of God that you will always and forever love each other, and I think that is worth waiting for before having sex (it shows true love)

    i don't think of marriage as something I commit to but can later get rid of... I take marriage very seriously - I intend to get married once to the man I love

    when I do get married it will be after a couple of years of dating because I want to be sure that I've met the man I'm supposed to be with so that I won't get a divorce

    marriage is sacred to me and so is giving my husband my virginity on my wedding night

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      You are so right.

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      B E A You T I F You L. I wish it was easier to find a girl like you. I'm the same, and I'm a guy.