Girls do you let your boyfriend or husband give you a facial? Guys does your girlfriend/wife like this?

Giving facials is one of my biggest turn ons.I love my girl and respect her.Its just a naughty turn on that I really like.I do not do it in a disrespectful way.I only do it if I have permission.I keep wet naps by the bed and clean her off as soon as I am done.I get her a drink and kiss her and tell her I love her.I want to make it a pleasant experience and for her to know I appreciate her.She sometimes gets into it because it turns her on to turn me on.My question is girls do you do this with your loved one?if so do you enjoy it and get turned on or am I asking to much when I want to do this.I thank you all in advance.


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  • The first time I did, I did it to please my friend!

    Since then I am doing it with great joy.


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  • cum in my mouth..

    cum on my body...

    cum on my face/hair...

    hope you're not too attached to your balls...

  • Honestly I just do it for my boyfriend, this might sound weird but its not a turn on for me.

  • I had to ask my last boyfriend to do it. He said no one had ever asked for it before & was real turned on by it.

  • I will let him come on my face as long as he is willing to clean my face when we are finished. With his tongue

  • It is not bad for you to like it. Just be careful cause your come should not get into her eyes, it is not good at all. If you see in p*rn they always close their eyes when doing it. When I have had it by accident, my guy is worried about cleaning my face with a towel and asks me not to open my eyes until it is well cleaned. You should ask her, if she likes it, and be honest and tell her that you really like it. Do not insist too much on it, and find another way that you both enjoy.

    • Thank you for being honest.She don't mind doing it and sometimes actually gets into it and asks for me to do it.I just sometimes feel guilty afterward like am I asking to much.Do you ever do the facial thing on purpose?

    • Actually, not, none of my couples have really liked it that much. But if I was asked, to me is really hot. It just not my first choice. Do not feel guilty, just try not to ask for it all the time but please her as well.

  • I have had it by accident and I like it. I would rather not, since I love when he cums in my mouth, boobs,body...

    • Thanks for being honest I appreciate it.Can I ask do you think it's bad I like it or asking to much to do it?

  • I'm 19. and I recently begged my 30 year old boyfriend to please do it for me, he had never done it before and he was a little weirded out by it at first, but after he tried it he told me it was one of the hottest things he has done thus far.Maybe I'm weird but I really love them, I think its extremely sexy and I love to see my man looking at me while I give him oral. I also like rough fellatio (throat-****ing) I guess I'm an oddball.


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  • I've only had accidentally facials with my wife. Sometimes it flies uncontrolled. But she's not into it so it's not something I'd ever try. I'm indifferent. When it comes down to it I just want to blow a load... Where it ends up makes no difference to me.

  • I am the same way as you.. It is a huge huge turn for me. all though I have never gotten to do it because my girl doesn't want to.. and doesn't like cum. I really really want to. And yeah I don't mean for it to be demeaning at all. I just think its so hot. Especially if she would be begging for it.

  • My wife hates the idea and is not a fan at all of facials. Its OK I can't win them all.

  • My girlfriend would do (or at least try it once) if I asked her, because she's f***ing awesome like that. I do know it wouldn't do anything for her, and I know she'd probably dislike it, but she'd try it.

    But then, she's fairly submissive, so who knows? Might discover that she loves it.

    Either way, I have no desire at this time to shoot my load on her face.