Why do some guys like fat girls?

Whether you call it chubby, thick, fat, curvy, etc. I mean plump girls, girls who are not slim or thin. what's the deal? Why are some guys into that?

I guess I respect the ones who date them more than the ones who hide their attraction because theyre afraid of being judged, but I just wonder why they are into them? what do you get from banging a fat chick? and some of the guys are thin or muscular guys too. what gives?


Most Helpful Girl

  • a few reasons :

    1)one they like some thing to hold on while f***ing

    2) curvy or full figure women have big ass and breast usually

    3) a curvy body represent a women and motherhood

    4) they look hot in any cloths

    5) some find a curvy women to be tight because of their curves curvy for most guys mean in shape and they like the texture of curves .

    in conclusion as peace.love.couture said preference some go for women who look like they can

    carry and give birth to a child others like slender women and some would f*** any girl who offers their vagina to them